Week 4 NFL Betting Action

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C Costigan
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Denver Broncos

Week 4 of the NFL is here and there are a number of games getting significant action compared to others, and even more so - there are a few teams that are receiving heavy lopsided action compared to their respective opponent.

1. Denver Broncos - Nobody seems to be loving the Kansas City Chiefs. And why should they? The Chiefs, as widely anticipated heading into this NFL season, look to be the worst team in the league. But can Denver beat them on the road as a -9 favorite? BetOnline.com was one of the few online sports books still offering Denver at -9. Most had the Broncos at -9 ½. 81 percent of the action was now going Denver's way.

2. San Diego Chargers - Although this is a late afternoon game, the Chargers vs. Raiders has been getting heavy action all week long. BetOnline.com had the Chargers at -7 ½ while Sports Interaction had the Raiders at +8 ½, so there was a middling opportunity here where gamblers could bet on both sides at different books (Chargers at BetOnline and Raiders at SportsInteraction) with the hope that San Diego wins by 8 points. 91 percent of the action was going San Diego's way.

3. Green Bay Packers - This team was getting around 65 percent of the action, though it varied across the industry. They were the +1 ½ underdog in Tampa today. It should be noted that Tampa was also among the top 10 most bet on teams, making Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay one of the most bet on games of the day.

4. Carolina Panthers - BetUS.com had Carolina at -6 ½. Most other books had them at -7 vs. Atlanta. The Panthers were getting just shy of 80 percent action.

5. Tennessee Titans - Were getting around 75 percent of the action with a steady -3 verses Minnesota.

The New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars were also getting decent action. The Philadelphia Eagles were getting over 80 percent of action at some books. The New Orleans Saints were getting around 70 percent of the action against the San Francisco 49ers.

We have been somewhat surprised that Washington vs. Dallas is not getting the type of heavy action one would expect. The action coming in is relatively balanced though leaning the Redskins way.


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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