US Open Officials Ban Twitter

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Dan Shapiro
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US Open Bans Twitter

That's right, the popular social medium Twitter has been banned by the US Open, which cites that Tweets translates into Cheats.

The underlying concern, however, is that players may utilize Twitter as a means of gambling, according to a New York Post report.

Streaming news on weather and court conditions, injury updates and mental states of players could help illegal gamblers pursue their own rackets, the officials believe.

But 2003 winner Andy Roddick -- whose Twitter account has more than 100,000 online followers -- has a different spin.

"You would seriously have to be a moron to send 'inside info' through a tweet," he tweeted.

"It's lame the US Open is trying to regulate our tweeting."

British player Andy Murray's latest postings have been more centered on his fantasy football league than tennis.

"If players want to use Twitter, and like to tell the people . . . what's going on, what they're up to, they should obviously be allowed to that," Murray told the Daily Telegraph in England.

Tennis has been hit especially hard by alleged game fixing in recent years.

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