Today's Most Wagered on Sides - November 30: Books Root for Utes

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Don Shapiro
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It took a while but the books showed their hand Thursday morning, lowering the line on the Saints-Cowboys game and making it clear they were confident Dallas would at least cover.


Dallas not only covered New Orleans Thursday night, they beat them outright.  The Saints had better than 75% of the spread action.  Books finally moved the line from -7.5 to -7 favoring New Orleans.

The Washington Huskies are the big play Friday night, seeing 85% of the spread action as a -5.5 favorite.

We don't see the books having an opinion on this game yet as they move the line based on the action coming in from -3 to -5.5.  With that said, we've seen one of the sharp books bring the number down to -5. 

On the neutral field, Sagarin suggests the line should be -2.5, so there is an indication that the Utes can cover here.   We will monitor closely.

Elsewhere, Ohio State is the lopsided play for Saturday's College Football with 70% of the action coming in on a -14.5 line favoring the Buckeyes against Northwestern.

Here the line has moved from -14 to -14.5 at the Euro bookmakers across the board.  We are seeing some of the sharper books hold at -14 as of Friday morning while a handful of recreational shops have taken the number to -15. 

Sagarin indicates a line that is right on the money at -14.5 so this one could pretty much go either way.  Of the two lopsided public favorites in College Football this weekend, we here at would be most inclined to bet against the Huskies Friday night.

Washington, by the way, is seeing some decent action on the money line.

Additionally, the Buffalo Bulls were seeing some decent action in College Football versus Northern Illinois Friday night.

Texas was seeing 62% of the early spread action as a +8 dog versus Oklahoma.

We were not seeing any one NFL side leading the way as of yet. 

There are a number of exposures, however, with the Steelers, Patriots, Bears and Falcons each representing some dangers for the books on Sunday.

Atlanta had been seeing upwards of 90% of the spread action versus Baltimore as a -1.5 favorite early but this is not consistent across the board, primarily due to the fluidity of this line that had the Falcons open as a +2.5 dog.

The Steelers should be a major exposure Sunday night versus the Chargers.  Pittsburgh is a -3.5 home favorite.  Some sharp books were moving to -3 early (Bookmaker and 5Dimes among them).

The books have gotten stung this week by three public favorites covering in College Basketball.  We would expect to see this trend end soon as we get a better feel for each team.  Some of the books expressed confidence in the other side, resulting in UCF covering against Alabama as a -5.5 favorite after opening at -6, the later number resulting in a push.

Record So Far

2018-19 College Basketball Record: 1-4 (20%)

2018-19 NBA Record: 0-1 (0%)

2018 MLB Record: 45-35 (56.2%)

2018 NBA Record: 12-4-1 (75%)

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