Today's Most Wagered on Sides - November 2

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Don Shapiro
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We have a number of major exposures and some opinions for Sunday's NFL games.


The Colts (-4.5) and the Steelers (-3) are the top bet on sides for the day.

Indianapolis plays in Jacksonville earlier Sunday.  They opened as the -2.5 favorite and had moved as high as -4.5 at some books, but mostly to -4.  Nearly all books were holding at -4.  We are seeing a bit of an opinion here favoring Jacksonville in that few of the books are moving back to -4.5 with 75% of the action still on Indianapolis.  Matchbook in the UK has even moved down to -3.5.  No matter what, the books will see significant exposure here

The Steelers will be a much greater exposure playing Sunday evening in primetime against the Chargers. In this one, Pittsburgh opened as a -3.5 favorite.  All books were holding at -3 heading into the Sunday games.  We don't expect the line to move down to -2.5.   But keep in mind that, up until yesterday, a lot of the books were sitting on -3.5.  This is a clear attempt to get more action on the Steelers despite seeing 63% of the spread action.   You will want to bet the Chargers here at +3 (hopefully you were able to get them at +3.5).

The Falcons also present a decent size exposure for the books Sunday, getting 79% of the spread action as a -2.5 home favorite hosting Baltimore.   Books opened with Atlanta as a +2.5 home dog.  Now they are the -2.5 home favorite across the board.  The line is moving in accordance with the action.

Elsewhere, the Panthers were seeing some decent action at 64% on the spread as a -3.5 road favorite in Tampa Bay.  The line here opened at -4 and has moved down to -3 at most books.  Some of the sharper books had moved back up to -3.5 shortly before 11 am EST.  We are not able to decipher a clear opinion as a result though we will say that Sagarin indicates the line should only be -1.5 favoring Carolina. 

In Summary

Four significant exposures on Sunday's NFL games:

Colts - Major Exposure (mild opinion on Jacksonville)

Steelers - Major Exposure (significant opinion Chargers)

Falcons - Major Exposure

Panthers - Mild Exposure (slight opinion on Tampa Bay)

- Don Shapiro,

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