Time to Start Betting On 2017 the Stanley Cup

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Hockey may not be the most popular of the four major North American sports of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, but donít tell that to the players, because it is one of the most physical and grueling sports on the planet.  AcePerHead.com LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING is available for entirety of season.

The season starts in October, with the playoffs beginning in April, and now finally itís time for the granddaddy of them all; The Stanley Cup Finals. The Stanley Cup is one of the most recognizable trophies in all of sports, and has a legendary tradition of each player on the winning team getting their name etched onto the trophy, and a couple of days to spend with it after the season is over.

This year's Cup starts on Monday May 29th, with a unique matchup of tradition versus new blood. The Pittsburgh Penguins will face the Nashville Predators in the Finals, with the Penguins having won 4 Stanley Cups in its team history, and the most recent being 2015-2016 which makes them the reigning champs.† On the other side is the Predators, who only became a franchise in 1998, and have never even been to the Stanley Cup Finals before.

NHL may not be the most popular of sports, however this playoff season has been an infinite times more exciting and enjoyable to wager on then the one sided NBA playoffs.† The NBA playoffs have seen the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors embarrass their opponents on their way to the finals, and along the way have caused per head agents to lose quite a few hours of sleep and cushion in their bank roll. Whereas the NHL playoffs have been completely unpredictable with numerous 7 game series, †and even the number 8th seed Nashville Predators earning a trip to the Finals.† This has all led to per head agents earning much more money on hockey then basketball.

Even though the NHL may not be the most popular sport to watch and bet on, www.aceperhead.com has been offering free week trial promotions to encourage agents to get involved with it, because the profit margins and hold percentages for the book have been so much higher than the NBA. So what better time to start taking action on hockey, then the world famous Stanley Cup Finals?

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