Super Bowl 54 Quarterfinals: The Latest Odds and Position of Eight Teams 

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We are two more weekends away before the Super Bowl 54 finals will take place on the 2nd of February. Football fans are now set and ready to witness the battle of two teams who will showcase a tough playoff during that day. Surely, the Hard Rock Stadium will once again be filled with loud yells and cheers from fans. 


Before we go ahead and talk about the Super Bowl 54 finals, let's focus first on the quarterfinals that will happen in the next two weeks. Eight remaining teams will vie for the four spots in the semis and eventually down to two teams who will meet for the NFL finals. 


These eight teams in the quarterfinals are now ready to outshine each other as they come fully prepared. At the same time, the betting games become more exciting, and the latest odds are now out. Each team is ranked based on the value and votes they earned from the fans. Let's see the most recent odds to win the Super Bowl of these eight teams. Whose on top and who settles at the bottom? Let’s find out. 

Baltimore Ravens 

It's no doubt that the Baltimore Ravens is on the top of their game for the 2020 NFL finals. After they won the AFC North Divisional competition, they quickly captured the hearts of many fans. After the playoffs, this team has successfully risen to the top tallying +195 current odds value. They are the most favorite team to win the Super Bowl 54 crown this season. 

San Francisco 49ers 

The San Francisco 49ers are the second favorite team that generates an odds value of +320. The same with the Ravens, they also got many favorites from the football community after they were able to make it in the divisional conference. In the upcoming quarterfinals, they will face the Minnesota Vikings in the quest for a semi-finals spot. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

The Kansas City Chiefs hustled very hard to reach the quarterfinals, and they were able to make it. As they move one step closer to the Super Bowl crown, their current odds value is now at +340. The Chiefs has a closer match to the 49ere. If they play well in the quarterfinals match-up this weekend, they could win against the Texans. 

Green Bay Packers 

The fourth spot for the NFL quarterfinals bet with the highest odds is for the Green Bay Packers. Their current odds value is +750. The team never expected to win the divisional match as the Vikings dominated the NFC North Division. However, they managed to showcase an impressive performance; that's why they got a spot in the 2020 NFL quarterfinals. 

Seattle Seahawks 

Seattle Seahawks is a 2020 NFL Wildcard edition winner that will compete with the Green Bay Packers in the quarterfinals. Their current odds value is +1400 and is one of the underdog teams this season. 


In earlier reports, the Seahawks earned so much popularity from the fans; however, their fate has changed after failed to enter the head to head challenge and was only able to make it after they won the wildcard. 

Minnesota Vikings 

The Vikings have an overwhelming and impressive longshot win to secure a spot in the NFL quarterfinals. Dalvin Cook, which is their running player, had shown a heroic pass and made the team victorious. 


However, as the week progresses, their odds value was cut down to +1500 making one of the underdog teams to bet for the Super Bowl 54 finals. If this team makes the same performance in the quarterfinals, they might beat the 49ers and head onto semis.

Tennessee Titans 

The Tennessee Titans were the biggest NFL Wildcard Edition winner and earning a title as the "Comeback Player of the Year." Many were surprised when the Titans entered the quarterfinals. Earlier last week, they generated the highest odds value. However, their value dropped today to +3000 because they will face the toughest team, which is the Ravens, and if they do not play well, they might lose their chance to take the Super Bowl 54 crown. 

Houston Texans 

The Houston Texans settle at the bottom and take the lowest odds value to win the Super Bowl 54 title. Just like the Titans, the Texans are also a wildcard winner, yet still remained as an underdog team. Today, their odds value only scored +3300. However, if Josh Allen and Sean McDermott can pull-off a great play, they'll give the Chiefs a good fight. 


The eight remaining teams for the 2020 NFL finals will battle out to secure a spot in the semis. They all deserve to be in their current standings as all of them worked so hard since their divisional match-ups. With the given current odds standings above, it's time for you to pick who's the group you'd like to bet to win the Super Bowl 54 crown. 

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