Sportsbook Weekend Parlays Online Bookies Can Leverage This Weekend

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Online bookie promoted weekend parlays can really add to the bottom line. It’s difficult for bettors to hit any cross-sport parlay.

Think about a bettor trying to hit a cross-sport parlay that includes World Cup matches.

Yep, that’s what these promoted parlays include.

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Saturday, June 23

World Cup Matches

South Korea +1 -130 vs Mexico -1 +110

Germany -1.5 +130 vs Sweden +1.5 -155

Belgium -1.5 -120 vs Tunisia +1.5 Even

When it comes to soccer, it makes no sense to add the money line to any promoted parlays.

Why? The money line does nothing to help either the per head agent or the player. The spread line, the handicap, certainly does.

South Korea versus Mexico, Germany versus Sweden, and Belgium versus Tunisia offer fair odds on both sides of their respective spread lines.

Germany lost straight up to Mexico in their first World Cup match. Can the Germans beat the Swedes by at least 2 goals? Or, will Sweden cover at +1.5?

That’s probably the match to add to all promoted Saturday parlays, Germany vs Sweden.  

MLB Games

Oakland A’s at Chicago White Sox

Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins

Toronto Blue Jays at L.A. Angels

Pay per head agents can choose any of the 3 MLB games listed above for their promoted parlays.  The reason is because all 3 games are difficult to handicap.

No team in any of the 3 games above has a starting pitcher advantage. That should lead to plenty of bettors running into a handicapping wall.

Sunday, June 24

England -2 +110 vs Panama +2 -130

Japan +.5 -130 vs Senegal -.5 +110

Poland +.5 -130 vs Colombia -.5 +110

The top promoted parlay to add here is England versus Panama. 2 goals is a huge handicap. The English can do it, though. That’s the point.

Sports bettors will rack their brains trying to find out if England covers the handicap at -2. If they don’t believe in the English, -130 ensures the parlay pays off at less odds than it would if this were an NFL game.

MLB Games

L.A. Angels at New York Mets

Oakland A’s at Chicago White Sox

St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Bucks

As with the MLB games listed for Saturday, the MLB games listed for Sunday provide no real advantage to MLB handicappers.

No team in any of the 3 games has a starting pitcher advantage over the other team.

Making games difficult to handicap in promoted parlays is the first step towards success.  

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