Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Win the 2010 Super Bowl

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Mary Montgomery
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Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Win 2010 Super Bowl

Just as the New York Giants before them, the Pittsburgh Steelers come into this NFL season getting little respect.  For sports bettors, this is great news in that the Steelers odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl are rather long and the payout potential enticing at +850.  A $100 bet would pay out $850 at SBG Global.

Why the lack of respect?

To get started, we can't help but think of the distractions involving allegations that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger raped a woman, allegations he has flat out denied.

TMZ.com was reporting that the accuser bragged about her sexual encounters with Roethlisberger to co-workers.

What impact, if any, this matter has on Big Ben's play remains to be seen.

There are other reasons for the long odds.

Tom Brady returning to the New England Patriots makes that team the default favorite once again.  But that alone should not make the Steelers such a long shot (nearly 9/1 odds is a long shot to be certain).

Perhaps we can point to Pittsburgh's aging defense and shake our heads.

Those of us here at Gambling911.com won't do that however.

Here is what we think:  Unless Roethlisberger decides to pull a Tony Romo and is so distracted by outside female influences he can't be effective on the field, this is a Steelers team that has every chance in the world to win the 2010 Super Bowl.  Unlike the New England Patriots, the Steelers have remained almost completely intact minus one defection - Bryant McFadden on the defense.

At +850 odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers deserve a little love from gamblers.

We should note that the Steelers odds of winning the AFC Championship paid out a little less at +400 for a potential to win $400 on every $100 bet.

There was little value in winning the AFC North as the Steelers line was -350.

The Steelers winning OVER 10 ½ games featured a line of -120.  UNDER 10 ½ games had a line of -110 at SBG Global.

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com 

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