Pay Per Head Tips For Protecting Profits During The Stanley Cup Final

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The Stanley Cup Final Series starts in less than a week. NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs Game 7 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals took place last night.

The 2018 Stanley Cup Final Series is set—Washington Capitals vs Vegas Knights

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Online bookie agents should also check out the tips below for protecting profit during the Stanley Cup Series.

Pay Per Head Tips: The Stanley Cup Final Series

All tips can provide profit protection. Bookies are encouraged to utilize tips dependent on their personal sportsbook businesses.

Don’t use a tip just because a sportsbook business peer does.

Tip 1: Set Max Betting Limits With The Mass Editing Tool

The odds are set for the Stanley Cup Final Series:

  • Vegas Golden Knights -135
  • Washington Capitals +115

Vegas has already made history, and the popular vote is that they will continue to do so with being the first expansion team to win Lord Stanley’s trophy in its first year.

The Capitals finally made it to the Stanley Cup Finals after coming so close the years prior. Even though Holtby has been on fire, they’re still the underdogs to win.

Either way, on any high-action Championship Matchups for any league, online bookies should always  have max betting limits on both teams.

Pick an amount that works for your sportsbook, take the payout into account and what your business can afford to pay.

Tip 2: Use The Schedule Limit Override If Any Games Gets Too Hot

The Stanley Cup Final Series is too unpredictable, so use schedule limit override if any of the series games gets too hot.

If too much action arrives on any Stanley Cup Series game, use the schedule limit override tool to temper enthusiasm.

Depending on a pay per head agent’s sportsbook, players could dump on one team over another to win any Stanley Cup battle. That could lead to mass amounts of action on one team over another.

Temper the action by setting a schedule limit override.

Tips 3: Don’t be Afraid to Take Individual Stanley Cup Game Prop Bets Off the Board

Often, Stanley Cup prop bets for each game can lead to mass amounts of action. That’s not always the case, though.

Sometimes, prop bets on individual games can lead to disaster.

No agent should be afraid of taking a specific Stanley Cup game prop bet off the board.

In all cases, pay per head agents are encouraged to remember that they make decisions for their online sportsbook.

They know their clients better than anyone.

They also know how best to manage their individual sportsbooks.

Agents should utilize the schedule limit override tool, set max betting limits, and take prop bets off the board if they feel it’s necessary.

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