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A more storied baseball stadium never stood. Home to more concerts, world series, speeches, and legendary players than any other baseball architecture aside from the Hall of Fame, Yankee Stadium saw its final game end on Sunday in a Yankee victory. Despite a disappointing season for the Yanks - they'll miss their first postseason in a long long time - fans of the historic franchise are already eager with anticipation for the new stadium.

That being the case, and with traffic flooding in on the website looking for answers, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com posted odds on all things "New" Yankee Stadium.

"When something as historic and meaningful to fans happens such as Yankee Stadium closing its doors," stated BetUS.com spokesman Reed Richards, "We tend to see a lot of traffic from all over the world looking for predictive odds. As such, we always live up to our name and provide people with the most up to the minute numbers to give them some answers. It will be interesting to see how these play out."

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on the "New" Yankee stadium:

Which Yankee hits first HR in new stadium

Johnny Damon 7/1

A- ROD 3/1

Bobby Abreu 5/1

Robinson Cano 8/1

Jose Molina 10/1

First no-hitter

Chien-Ming Wang 20/1

Joba Chamberlain 30/1

Mike Mussina 45/1

Andy Pettite 50/1

When first World Series appearance and win will be

Appearance - 2009 6/1

Win - 2009 9/1

First stolen base?

Johnny Damon 2/1

Bobby Abreu 9/4

Alex Rodriguez 9/4

Derek Jeter 3/1

Melky Cabrera 4/1

Robinson Cano 10/1

First strike out

Alex Rodriguez - 2/1

Bobby Abreu - 6/4

Derek Jeter - 3/1

Robinson Cano - 4/1

Johnny Damon - 3/1

First grand slam

Alex Rodriguez - 4/1

Bobby Abreu 6/1

Derek Jeter 20/1

Maelky Cabrera 10/1

First to hit into double play

Derek Jeter 6/4

Robison Cano 2/1

Alex Rodriguez 3/1

Bobby Abreu 4/1

Ivan Rodriguez 4/1

Jose Molina 10/1

First concert

Billy Joel 7/1

U2 10/1

Elton John 20/1

Mariah Carey 40/1

Rolling Stones 15/1

Who'll be first asked to throw out first pitch

Yogi Berra 5/1

Whitey Ford 10/1

Derek Jeter 15/1

Billy Crystal 20/1

George Steinbrenner 7/1

Regis Philbin 6/1

Roger Clemens 50/1

First win at new stadium will come against which team

Cleveland Indians 1/50

Oakland As 1/20

First team Girardi is thrown out against

Baltimore 10/1

Kc 15/1

TB 20/1

Cle 10/1

Oak 20/1

Bos 4/1

Det 25/1

LAA 15/1

First singer of national anthem

Sheryl Crow 50/1

Mariah Carey 25/1

Cyndi Lauper 30/1

Taylor Hicks 40/1

Beastie Boys 100/1

Carrie Underwood 35/1

Bono Vox 40/1

Jordin Sparks 35/1

Sports and Newsworthy odds can be found at: www.BetUS.com

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