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The first week of every April the Golf universe descends upon Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club for the most sought after prize in the sport. This is the first Major Golf Tournament on the schedule and the only one that is played on the same course every year. The US Masters is an official “Major” Golf Tournament stop for the PGA, European, and Japanese professional tours. The 8 Million Dollar prize pool makes the Masters one of the Sport’s richest purses and winning the Masters is a career changing event that earns winners a place in the Sport’s history books.

Whether you’re a rookie who’s just getting in or a veteran who’s looking for that extra edge, we’ve compiled a complete guide on golf betting that will help you win.

The Masters Odds: Win The Tournament Masters Betting Options

If you’re Masters betting action is on a player to win the tournament, you’re margin for error is quite small but this is without question your chance at the biggest payout on The Masters odds. The math is quite simple: for a player to win, they have to make the cut, finish in the Top 10 and beat everyone in the field. That means the payout for a player to win be much bigger than it would for the previous two Masters betting props.
While this might seem like picking a needle out of a haystack, the truth is that there is a science to it. Certain golfers excel on certain courses. For example: players who do well with the putter will thrive on shorter courses where there are challenging greens. Courses that play long will put a premium on driving, which means hard-hitters will excel on those courses. Also, there are courses where chipping and iron-play is crucial, so those who thrive with those clubs will perform better on those courses. You can get some great insight from the stats on the official PGA Tour website to see who is best at driving distance, greens in regulation and strokes gained (putting).
Once you start putting the pieces together, you can get a good idea of who is a good Masters Betting pick based on The Masters odds for this 2013 event and who is better to avoid. The best part is that since the Masters odds makers payout a nice price for each player, you can even bet on two or three and still take home a big ransom if one of them comes through.

The Masters Odds: Head-to-Head Masters Betting Matchups

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