Condoleezza Rice Joining the San Francisco 49ers?

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Condi Rice

It seems that whenever there's a high profile job opening in the NFL these days Condoleezza Rice is automatically thrown into the mix as a candidate. Last year when Paul Tagliabue was set to retire, she was a heavy favorite to take over the job of commissioner of the NFL. Now, rumors are swirling as to whether she'll join the 49ers front office. Despite sketchy team reports denying the rumors, experts are still weighing in on the possibility.

With fans looking for answers to the Condi Rice conundrum, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on Rice and the NFL's future, or non-future together.

Analysts at posted the following odds and predictions on Condoleezza Rice and the NFL:

League she's most likely to become commissioner of:

NBA: 10/1

NFL: 2/1

MLB: 15/1

NHL: 15/1

PGA: 20/1

Takes Roger Goodell's job:

Yes: 50/1

No: 2/1

NFL Team she's most likely to join:

Patriots 15/1

Colts 18/1

Cowboys 16/1

Chargers 16/1

Jaguars 20/1

Steelers 24/1

Giants 28/1

Vikings 35/1

Saints 35/1

Eagles 35/1

Seahawks 35/1

Cardinals 40/1

Bills 40/1

Bears 40/1

Browns 40/1

Packers 40/1

Buccaneers 40/1

Titans 40/1

Panthers 50/1

Bengals 50/1

Broncos 50/1

Texans 50/1

Redskins 50/1

Jets 75/1

Lions 100/1

Raiders 100/1

49ers 100/1

Rams 100/1

Chiefs 150/1

Ravens 150/1

Dolphins 250/1

Falcons 500/1 has more betting options here

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