College Football Week 9 Rankings (2008)

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Carrie Stroup
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Carrie Stroup here with your College Football Week 9 rankings (2008), which also takes a look at the odds for those teams ranked in the top 10 to win the 2009 BCS Championship.

Following TCU's huge win over BYU, many of you might be wondering what their odds are to win the BCS. They are listed under the "field" option, paying $5000 for every $100 bet. TCU is ranked #15 at most places.

8-0 Utah just narrowly misses the Top 10. Utah is also listed among the "field" choices.

1. Texas 7-0 - Last week, had the odds set at +600 for a $600 payout potential with every $100 bet if the Longhorns were to win the 2009 BCS Championship. This week, slashed their odds to +250 for a $250 payout with every $100 bet if they were to win.

2. Alabama 7-0 - Alabama would pay $400 for every $100 bet if they won the title.

3. Penn State 8-0 - Last week, a $1200 payout for every $100 bet was being promised if Penn State were to win the BCS Championship. Their odds have been slashed to +350 for a $350 payout on every $100 bet.

4. Oklahoma 6-1 - A substantial $800 payout was being offered by if they win the BCS title.

5. USC 5-1 - Yeah, that invincible team early on is still looking mighty and is the darling of online bookmakers to win the BCS championship. The payout is slightly better than last week at $225 for every $100 bet.

6. Oklahoma State 7-0 - The payout: A sweet $2500 for every $100 bet to win the championship.

7. Florida 5-1 - A $1000 payout is in order if they win the 2009 BCS Championship. This is better than the $600 payout being offered last week.

8. Texas Tech 7-0 - $2000 is the payout for every $100 bet should Texas Tech win the BCS Championship.

9. Georgia 6-1 - Pays $2000. These were the same payout odds being offered up last week.

10. Ohio State 7-1 - Another team that would pay out $2000 for every $100 bet to win the 2009 BCS Championship.


Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter

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