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With the NFL Conference championship games this weekend, Gambling911.com is taking a look at what the line will be on a Super Bowl game that features the Cardinals vs. Steelers.  This line should only be used as a reference to try and determine if the oddsmakers have created an underlay or overlay.

The Cardinals vs. Steelers Super Bowl line should be at Pittsburgh -6 ½ to -7 and certainly no higher than -7 ½.  Any line higher would indicated an overlay by oddsmakers and this is something that we would actually anticipate in such a matchup. 

The reason:  Pittsburgh is among the biggest "public" teams in the league.  What this means is that 2 out of every 3 people are likely to be betting on the Steelers even if the line is a bit out of whack.

"I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see this one open up at Steelers -8 ½," said Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com. 

Heading into Sunday's Conference Championship games (beginning at 3 pm EST), the Steelers were the favorite to win the 2009 Super Bowl.   They were a near even favorite (+135 or a $100 bet would pay $135) at Bookmaker.com.

The Cardinals were the biggest underdog of the four teams playing Sunday.  If Arizona happened to win the 2009 Super Bowl, the payout would be $712 for every $100 bet at Bookmaker.com.

Overall, oddsmakers believe that the Steelers will be meeting the Eagles in the Super Bowl.  Philadelphia had odds of +165 for a payout potential of $165 on every $100 bet. 

The Ravens would pay the lucky 4's - $444 for every $100 bet as of press time Saturday. 

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