Betting Public Likes Patriots, Panthers and Cowboys

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Carrie Stroup
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New England Patriots

Heading into Week 17 of the 2008 NFL season, the betting public felt confident that the New England Patriots would at least win their game in Buffalo and hope for some help getting into the Playoffs.  They also believed that the Dallas Cowboys would get in and the Carolina Panthers would win their game as well.

These were the most bet on teams of the final 2008 regular season.

New England was the most bet on team of the weekend, getting 85 percent of the wagering action at

The Dallas Cowboys were getting 72 percent of the action verses Philadelphia while the Carolina Panthers were getting 64 percent of the action in their game against the New Orleans Saints, which could determine which team (Carolina or Atlanta) win the NFC South.  There were still plenty of bets coming in on the Philadelphia Eagles, making this game one of the most bet on of the weekend.

If the gambling public is right, the Chicago Bears do not stand a chance of getting into the Playoffs this year.  The Houston Texans were the 4th most bet on team of the weekend.  That line had moved from Houston -1 to -3.

The New York Giants were also getting significant action, especially on the money line, which would pay $245 for every $100 bet at if they were to win outright. 

The Jets/Dolphins game was getting relatively even action.

Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter


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