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The last two weeks have been wall to wall playoff action in in the NHL and it just continues this week into round two. Can the average player beat the bookies and win playing hockey? In short, yes it can be done, hockey comes in second behind baseball as the number two sport in which the underdogs win the most.

It’s true, in the NHL the underdog wins a lot of games, hockey is one of those sports that can turn on a dime and surprise even the sharpest of bettors. The trick is knowing how teams play late. Example: The Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the Boston Bruins last week for a game seven showdown in the first round. Toronto lead nearly the entire way and it looked as if the Maple Leafs were on the way to their first playoff series win in a very long time, it wasn’t meant to be. The Bruins came storming back in the third period for four goals and the win.

Gambling 911 - NHL Playoffs = Mix it Up with Reverse Action Wagering

Although the Bruins were favored in this game, they were for sure not looking good early and through the first two periods. This is hockey and sometimes this is how the puck lands! The NHL can be tricky but it sure is exciting and the games are non-stop, action-packed thrill rides that send the fans into a frenzy. This game is not for the faint of heart and if you like last minute action then for sure check out the live lines with your gambling site of choice.

The Difference Between Above Average and Below Average Sportsbooks

With exception of the first round series between the Golden Knights and the Kings, this NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have been excellent and really, the Kings/Knights series was a good one, it was tough and the Kings showed promise every night but it wasn’t meant to be. The fans did not get what they had hoped for in that series but they are getting it with the Sharks/Knights, round 2. This one is chalking up to be tough as well and Vegas had better keep one thing in mind; they are the upstarts and the Sharks are gunning for them. The Sharks will not be put on a slab like the Kings were.

Some offshore sportsbooks offer dynamic live lines, make sure yours does and be prepared to win some great money. Search some of the review sites for a great pph sites that offers both live and dynamic lines along with period betting; all three periods.

NHL Playoffs a Barn Burning Machine – Who’s a Fantastic Bet?

The playoffs are too good to miss out on and there are many great betting options. Learn and know them so that you can be on the winning side of bet slips this year. Hockey is literally all over the board this week with two fantastic games between the Capitals vs. Penguins and Predators vs. Jets. These two are going to be fantastic and the betting options will be superb. There are at least two hockey games every night this week so don’t sell yourself shot on potential earnings. Find a great bookie that has competitive numbers and have fun winning on this great sport.


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