Baseball Betting Profits: It’s Time to Wake Up

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Tony George
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Yes, the King of all wagering sports is in full swing, that would be football. Year in and year out it amazes me that action junkies wait till football to unload 10 or more games a weekend in football, and pound Monday Night football with all they have to chase losses or attempt to double up on profits. You are forgetting one thing, the money is just as green if not greener in MLB this time of year, and I make tons of it!

Think about it guys. I have a full season of stats and trends to work with, as well as the fact the books are not near as focused on the lines as they would be without the distraction of football. I am finding soft lines all over the place and exposing them for daily profits in bases. With football, many teams are still unknown headed into conference action next week, and many NFL teams as well are totally unpredictable at this early stage. MLB is set in stone and you have more tangible items to work with in terms of reducing the odds of losing and increasing the chances of winning money! WHO DOESN'T LOVE A WINNING TICKET?

The KEY to moneyline wagering is simple. Never lay more than -150 or less. I have not played a game this year that was over -150 unless I put a run line play on it, and I have done that 3 times and went 3-0 never laying more than -130. I love playing totals plays in certain scenarios as well as underdogs and short favs. The other thing to note, is that I do not play everyday this time of year. I pick and choose my spots and wager wisely. I never force a play, because remember, there is a full slate of games the next day!

Anyone can say the Yankees playing the Pirates at home with Mussina on the mound laying -300 is a solid favorite to win the game outright. The downside is if they lose you just lost 3 times your normal wager. Why risk it when there is plenty of value out there for you at -150 or better. I have not dropped below 60% in moneyline winners this season, have hit 70% of my multi-unit Top Plays, won my Totals Play of the year, my Run line game of the year and my baseball game of the year, all 3 unit plays.

Do you worry who is going to show up each Saturday or Sunday in football in terms of playing to their potential? Example: UCLA beats Tennessee as a 10 point underdog in week 1 and then next game they lose to BYU by 56 points, showing up unprepared. When playoff time arrives in MLB, every team plays to their potential and brings their A Game! That is easy to handicap. As evidenced by my Playoff record in EACH of the past 3 Post Seasons, where I have went 68% or better EACH of the past 3 post seasons in Bases! Once again never laying more than -150 on the moneyline.

What do you look for? I will give you a hint or two. Emphasize the slugging percentage and on base percentage. Look at the recent bullpen ERA and of course the starting pitching. I have a system where I average these percentages and create a scenario where I have exploited weak lines and have had the ability to beat the books more times than not against a soft line. If you are lazy, then hire me to do it for you, but the none the less guys, there are massive profits in baseball left.

In closing, I do admit, I would rather watch Florida play Tennessee in football for 3 hours while have a few cold brews and some chicken wings at my local watering hole, it is far more exciting than watching the Braves and Mets for 3 hours from a spectator standpoint, but winning money from the books is just as exciting either way. Place your wager and then turn on the Thursday Night ESPN football game, but do not forget baseball profits this time of year!

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Tony George, www.sportsaudioshows.com

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