Auburn vs. West Virginia College Football Betting Odds

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Don Shapiro
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Auburn vs. West Virginia odds opened at West Virginia -3 and haven't moved at all since and they probably won‘t heading into Thursday night‘s game.

The similarities between both teams are striking, Yahoo Sports points out.

Auburn has had trouble scoring points, just as WVU has. Auburn averages 19.1 points a game, which led to their first-year offensive coordinator Tony Franklin being fired in mid-week. WVU has averaged 22.2 points a game, which has caused their offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen to come under heavy fire in his first season.

Auburn has had trouble at quarterback and has gone with two of them. WVU has had trouble at quarterback, Patrick White having a head injury that forced him to miss a game. White also has shared QB duties with backup Jarrett Brown, who has been used in short-yardage situations.

Both teams have solid defenses, Auburn's allowing 13.1 points a game, WVU's allowing 14.1.

"Defensively they're still the same Auburn," West Virginia Coach Bill Stewart said. "They fly around and get after you."

Both teams have only won one game Against The Spread. Neither team has any recent head-to-head matchup history.

There are very little worthwhile stats available to even consider a bet on this team. But if you must, was offering cash signup bonuses including a 50 percent bonus on your first winning bet. We wouldn't use that option towards this game however.


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