2018 Stanley Cup Finals Set - Capitals vs. Golden Knights Latest Odds

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights have been resting for a couple of days and by the time this year’s Stanley Cup Finals kick off on Saturday, they will have had five full days of rest. It was needed and it will absolutely give them an edge in this series against the Capitals. The Capitals put in a day’s work and more in every single contest against the lightning and they earned their spot. The Lightning were heavily favored coming into the series and it looked like they had it wrapped up a couple of times but the Cap’s came to play, they came to win and put the ghost of losing behind them. This team is driven and although they were pushed and they won’t have the same amount of rest as the Golden Knights, they will for sure be ready.

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Ovechkin set the tone early in game seven and the Capitals never looked back. The Lightning were outgunned, out hustled and out gassed in this game. The Lightning had a great season and kudos to their run but the regular season was just that and what matters is who is still standing. The Capitals have been tough minded all season long and they will be tough minded against the Golden Knights.

What the Capitals must not do:

Get caught up in the hype… Let’s face it, the story of this year’s Stanley Cup finals and the story for every handicapper from New York to Vegas is not the Washington Capitals, they are a good story, and they deserve to be in the finals but they are not the story. The only story in the NHL is the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The story is how they got to where they are, how they went from having never played as a team to making it to the finals and it just might be the biggest and best sports story of the year, if not the decade. Should the Knights go on to win a title, they will without a doubt be the biggest and best story in the history of the NHL and their story will be very high on the all-time greatest sports stories.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have defied the odds. They have defied the oddsmakers, the bookies, the fans and the handicappers.  What this team has done is not only win, they have set the standard for what an NHL hockey team should be. They won 51 games not because they out talented everyone or because they have a better skill set than every other NHL Team. The Knights have had their overwhelming inaugural season success because they believe in each other, they believe in their head coach and they believe that every time they hit the ice, they are going to win. Don’t believe it? Ask the LA Kings, better yet, ask the Winnipeg Jets, who were backdoor swept in five games.

For the sportsbooks, this one could end up being a nightmare. The Golden Knights opened this season as 200-1 underdogs and sports gamblers took that bet. The offshore sportsbooks and Vegas books alike are holding their collective breath and hoping that the Capitals can find a way to get this done.

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