2010 Super Bowl Bet We Think Is A Winner

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Don Shapiro
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2010 Super Bowl Betting

A 2010 Super Bowl bet we believe could come through for savvy sports bettors relates to the Super Bowl Margin of Victory betting.  

No, Gambling911.com doesn't have the magic answer as to where the score will end up but there is a strategy that could work to maximize value based on pricing per certain bets.

First, let's ask this question:  Where do you think the score will land?

Oddsmakers at Sportsbetting.com have been reluctant to move above Colts -6, and probably with good reason.  Most believe this will be a tight game.  Close doesn't mean the Colts can't win by a touchdown or even 10 points for that matter.

And then there are those who believe the Saints can actually win.  Few believe that will happen by more than 6 points though.

So here we have three likely scenarios and you can bet ALL THREE OF THEM.

Sportsbetting.com has the Colts winning by 1 to 6 points paying $70 for every $20 bet.

BetUS.com has the Colts winning by 7 to 10 points paying $50 for every $10 bet.

BetED.com has the Saints winning by 1 to 6 points paying $45 for every $10 bet.

Your initial investment therefore (or the total amount being bet) is $40.

Yes, it is possible that the Saints and Colts could win in blowouts and you will be out that $40.  Consider that $40 money in which you can afford to lose.

That possibility, however, is not entirely strong.  There is a much better likelihood of the game falling within either of those three ranges.

That being the case, the lowest win amount in terms of the bet ($45 should the Saints be victorious within 1 to 6 points) still leaves you with a $5 profit.  The Colts winning by 1 to 6 points leaves you with a $30 profit. 

This is basically hedging with the hope that the Colts win by the 1 to 6 point range for maximum win potential, but should that bet not come through, you still stand to win a small amount. 

This is how successful sports bettors win over the long term.

Remember this:  The Super Bowl favorite has won 2 of the last 10 championships.  Only a single underdog win (Tampa Bay) was an upset blowout.  Only 4 of the last 10 Super Bowls were won by more than 10 points.  The Colts and Saints represent one of the most equal matchups we have seen on paper in some time.  Keep in mind that both these teams were the favorites to win the 2010 Super Bowl at any given time throughout the season, so what we have above we believe to be a very good 2010 Super Bowl bet with only some degree of risk vs. reward.

Remember also that all three of these online sportsbooks offer other incentives such as free cash when you join, contingent on who much you open your online betting account with. 

Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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