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It's that time of year again: 2008 NFL football betting is in full swing and Mike Lineback of www.mikelineback.com has some top handicapping tips and more for Gambling911.com readers.

What's the Rush? Do I even have to ask. Are you ready for some football? Duh.

Ok, you have studied all the football preview magazines, watched countless preview shows, NFL preseason games and perused the internet for copious information related to anything and everything related to College and NFL Football. Maybe you even worked some overtime or a part-time job to build your bankroll. You have been waiting all summer for this and you are finally ready to have the season of your life. You tell the wife and kids, "Not now honey. Come back in five months..."

The first game starts on Thursday and what about all those Saturday games. You feel the "Rush" coming on and you boot your computer. And then you hear someone exclaim "STOP." You say, huh, WTF? I say with concern, please take a few moments to think about what your are about to do.

Even if you have the time and intellectually capacity to internalize all the information leading into opening day, ask yourself, what do you really know about the teams' without watching a few games before investing your hard earned money. Do you really know anything about the Sun Belt Conference? How do really know if team A can replace their entire offensive line or how a highly touted redshirt freshman will respond in his first career start behind center. How many teams' will be living off unwarranted reputations for the first two weeks of season?

Below are a few 2008 NFL Football Betting handicapping tips that may help you save some money this football season.

Be very careful the first two weeks of season.

I can tell you without equivocation, the biggest mistake most gamblers make is betting too many games and especially too many games early in the season. Take the time to evaluate how teams' have replaced key personnel, adjusted to new coaches and schemes. Look at how teams' are performing in the trenches. Did team A get dominated in the trenches or did they win because of key turnovers and big plays. Look at how non-conference teams fair against each other and how it can relate to similar future matchups This approach could save you some money now and open up some handicapping opportunities later in season.

Consider Parity

More than ever, the talent gap has closed between the Have's and the Have Not's in College Football. Remember Appalachian State over Michigan to start the 2007 season. Countless upsets occur throughout the season. Pittsburgh beat West Virginia as 29 point underdog to foil their championship hopes last season. Remember, Boise State vs. Oklahoma in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl. The list goes on and on. In other words, anything can happen. And I don't recommend laying the big chalk unless you have a very good reason, especially early in the season. In fact, one of the best board strategies in College Football is to find, and play on the three strongest underdogs on the board (10+ points). A lot of things have to go right for a big favorite to cover in today's market.

Create a niche for yourself

In other words, identify and play to your strengths and don't try to do things you can't do. If you're not familiar with teams' in the MAC Conference, why waste your time in this area if you know the SEC and Big 12 like the back of your hand. Many handicappers fall victim to "information overload," and as a result, experience a negative return on their efforts. A successful handicapper learns how to prioritize his time.

I only know of a handful of handicappers that are successful in this industry and they all have one thing in common. Each are focused on their strengths and most rarely handicap more than two sports at a time. My personal niche (main focus) is NFL, NBA and the second half of baseball. And, as a result, I'm very selective in College Sports, especially early in each season. This formula has evolved over many years and has been very successful for my clients. My advice to readers is to find your own success formula (niche). And this may involve hiring some professional help along the way.

Have several outlets to choose from when placing your wagers

It goes without saying, it pays to shop around. A half point can add up to a lot money and the difference between a winning and losing season. And most importantly, find a Sportsbook that allows you to buy points around key numbers. I counted 21 times I bought 1/2 point on games last year (mostly buying off 3 points in NFL) and 8 times I either pushed or won my wager as a result. Some handicappers don't believe in buying points around key numbers in Football but I will never be convinced otherwise. The proof is in the profits.

Manage your Bankroll

This is by far the most important element for successful handicapping, outside of picking consistent winners. I know many handicappers, including clients that can pick consistent winners but fail to turn a profit every year. Their biggest challenge is managing their Bankroll. Normally, they don't have an adequate bankroll to begin with and often bet too much. As a result, when they experience a losing streak, and they will, they take themselves out of the game. I personally wager between 2% and 2.5% on each selection and never more than 25% of my bankroll on any given day. I started following this money management formula more than 10 years ago and have survived every losing streak since.

Hopefully, some of this information will be helpful for Gambling911 readers when they do their own 2008 NFL Football Betting. Again, let me advice you to be careful with your money to start the season. There is nothing worse than losing your bankroll early, having to re-load and play catch-up the rest of season.

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For more advice and premium content from Mike Lineback, please visit www.mikelineback.com.

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