New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick – Odds and Predictions

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Mike Taylor
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New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick – Odds and Predictions

This free Prediction Given by lead handicapper, Mike Taylor

Current line: New Orleans -3 / Over & Under at 47

Time: Sunday, September 15 - 4:05 pm (EST) FOX, NFL Red Zone


At first glance this should be an easy game to pick, with a Tampa Bay team that is struggling to come together on consensus, and a New Orleans team that not only has their head coach back after a year of suspension, but seems to be binding together into a powerhouse yet again. The Tampa Bay team gave away a win to the Jets, which admittedly aren’t as great as analysts are making them out to be, but they have promise, and that’s something that can’t be taken away from them. That aside, this match up leans towards New Orleans more than Tampa Bay, but don’t count the Buccaneers out just yet.

The Saints did manage to win over Matt Ryan and the Falcons, but it wasn’t a stomping, it was a fight to the finish and they narrowly escaped with a win. The defense was the ticket there, and that will have to be the ticket here or else the Tampa Bay team will wake up and rock the Saints with a loss, that is if all goes well for them.

The New Orleans team has a very solid line up and depth, but the Buccaneers on the other hand have every tool that should get them the win, especially since they are at home. Even though Greg Shiano doesn’t seem to know what to do with the proverbial chess pieces, he had enough time after their loss to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to approach Sean Payton’s comeback team. Then again, this is the NFL and sure things aren’t always the way to go, especially when there are injuries afoot.

The Match Up

It’s too easy to hand this one to the Saints, especially with the lashing that the Buccaneers took in the media, sports books, and more. The team definitely has to shape up, and will prove to be a different team heading into this game, and best of all, it’s in their home turf. The Saints are strong, but they may be overlooking this game for greater glories down the road as they make a name for themselves yet again in the NFC.

The Edge

With all that in mind, New Orleans has the edge here, with Tampa Bay going about +3 and possibly helping cover the spread. There’s just too many little things that can chip away at the strong team of the Saints to categorize this one a blowout. While it may not be a popular option,

I’m going with a safer pick this time, and just going to leave the Saints winning, but not blowing Tampa Bay out. New Orleans at – 3 sounds good, and we’ll stay there. Prediction: New Orleans at – 3

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