Sportsbook Goes Up Against ChatGPT-4: Who Will Come Out on Top?

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For the first time in sports betting history, kingdom Animalia will take kingdom Technion.


Revealed in a press release yesterday, is set make industry history again as one of its oddsmakers will square off against ChatGPT-4 in a season-long picks competition.

There have been picks battles versus bots before, but this is the first time the competition will include OpenAI's flagship product, ChatGPT-4.

All of the finer details are in the release (link below), but the contest is quite simple...BetOnline Sportsbook Manager, Adam Burns, and ChatGPT-4 will make weekly picks against the spread for every game throughout the 2023 NFL regular season.

The competition has been appropriately named: Burns vs. Bot.

Burns will be giving away cash and free plays on Twitter every week he loses to ChatGPT.

You can see the participants’ Week 1 picks here (7 are the same, 9 are different):

BetOnline has also created some fun prop bets for the competition (below), and early bettors are backing the non-bot. Burns is favored in Week 1, but ChatGPT is favored for the full season.

Perhaps the thinking is that AI will start off slower and as the season progresses and more data is available, the bot's selections will become more sophisticated and ultimately, more successful.

You can see what kind of data was fed to ChatGPT-4 to generate the Week 1 picks in the release.

Speaking of NFL picks, BetOnline launched its newest show this week featuring Adam "Pacman" Jones as one of the hosts.

In the inaugural episode of "Runnin' It Back," Pacman gives makes some bold statements and gives some interesting predictions, all while potentially under the influence of...something.

But just as Jones was as a player…he's knowledgeable, he's entertaining and he's controversial.

- Pacman predicts a Bengals-Jets AFC Championship matchup, and a Jets Super Bowl title

- Pacman said, "I'm still not sold on Trevor Lawrence," and then picked the Colts to cover in Week 1

- When asked if he would rush field if TJ Watt took a cheap shot on Joe Burrow, Pacman candidly responded, "No, I would leave TJ Watt alone. He's a hired hitman, he's a big guy. I'm smarter than I look."

- Pacman said that Denver's Patrick Surtain Jr. is the best cornerback in the league right now.

- When asked if Derrick Henry is better than Adrian Peterson in his prime, Pacman said, "Yes!"

- When making a pick for the Packers-Bears Week 1 matchup (Pac picked Bears btw), Pacman responded, "Who gives a f%ck about this game."


Adam Burns ATS winning percentage for 2023 regular season

Over/Under 53.5%


ChatGPT-4 ATS winning percentage for 2023 regular season

Over/Under 54.5%


Contestant to pick most ATS winners for 2023 regular season

Adam Burns -105

ChatGPT-4 -125


Contestant to pick most ATS winners in Week 1

Adam Burns -125

ChatGPT-4 -105


Contestant to pick 65%+ ATS winners in Week 1

ChatGPT-4 +600

Adam Burns +700

Both +1000

Neither -1000


Adam Burns total ATS winners in Week 1

Over/Under 8.5


ChatGPT-4 total ATS winners in Week 1

Over/Under 8.5

- BetOnline News Wire

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