Sports Betting Loyalty Offers vs New Customer Offers

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There are a number of different offers and schemes available to bettors when using bookmakers and online casinos, however two of the most popular to feature are sports betting loyalty offers and new customer offers. Both are used to entice and attract bettors to their respective sites to part with money and place wagers on the action, although each is used in different ways. But, how do they compare and how do they work?

Sports betting loyalty offers

Loyalty programs are predominantly for bettors that are already members of a bookmaker and come in the form of various bonuses to reward them for using their services, generally, on a consistent basis. 

The best bets and offers will be handed out to those who deposit and make bets regularly and these can include payouts with an additional percentage or cashback offers for a losing wager, for example.

Most bookmakers will provide these bonuses on a points basis as this is a great way to ensure that customers continue to use their service regularly, for example; fans of NFL who routinely come back weekly to bet on their team. These can be achieved in various methods, with things such as frequency of play, the amount of money bet over a period of time, the amount of losses, the average bet being placed etc. Naturally, the bigger the bet value, the more points are generally offered.

Indeed, points are not the only scheme that can be handed as a Tier system can be used, or prizes such as pieces of merchandise can be rewarded to loyal bettors. As mentioned previously, cashback offers or enhanced odds can also be used as a bonus, whilst a number of free bets can also be handed out to incentivize players as well.

New customer offers

As the name suggests, new customer offers are used to attract new players to a casino as these are provided to players as betting offers with a new account. As bookmakers are always keen to acquire new members, there can be an abundance of different offers available to attract them. Some of the best offers that can be found include deposit bonuses, free bet bonuses and free spin bonuses for those that like playing online slot games.

These bets can appear hugely appealing on the eye; however, they can also come equipped with some restrictions or rules that players will need to ensure they are aware of. For example, to receive a deposit bonus, a certain amount may have had to have been deposited initially or over a certain period of time whilst a free spins offer may only apply to a particular set of slot games and not all available.


The main difference between the two types of offers is that one is for existing users of a sportsbook/bookmaker, whilst the other is simply used to attract new customers to their services. 

Both can be hugely appealing to customers at various stages of their journey with the bookmaker, especially when partnered with familiar establishments like punters who regularly back their favorite teams or players , though, as both will provide great incentives to keep the bets being placed. Nonetheless, there are a few differences - such as the restrictions and rules that they come with - that should be noted and considered carefully before being claimed.

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