Sharps Kill it With NFL Preseason HOF Game

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Aaron Goldstein
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In case you missed it, the fine folks at Right Angle Sports revealed just how quickly books will react, in realtime, to around a thousand pros and RAS moving in on a particular line like sharks smelling blood in the water.


That's exactly what happened immediately following the release of Thursday night's Jaguars-Raiders preseason NFL game.

The line on that one opened as a PICK'EM and was moved to Raiders -3 at some books within seconds (watch for yourselves below).

The end result: Vegas won in a big way!

Of course we mean the Vegas Raiders, not the Vegas sportsbooks.  They got raked across the coals.

The final score was Raiders 27, Jaguars 11.

NY Post: NY Could Net Over $400M if Pols Legalized Internet Casino Gaming

Bernadette Hogan of the New York Post this week wrote a piece on how the Empire State is believed to be losing an estimated $400 million in annual tax revenue by not offering online casinos games to compliment sportsbook apps.  Neighboring New Jersey, it should be noted, allows internet gambling on such things as blackjack and roulette.

VIXIO GamblingCompliance released a report indicating that New York State could rake in $428 million annually.

A bill introduced by State Sen. Joe Addabbo (D-Queens) and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow (D-Mount Vernon) in February would allow for bets on casino games.

“We are missing the ball here. By not doing iGaming at this point. It would stop the flow of money into other states and into the illegal market,” Addabbo said during a phone interview with the Post.

“And, we’re looking for more revenue for education and the opportunity to help those with an addiction.”

Even the old school local bookies, still prevelant throughout New York, see the benefit of offering casino games.  They've taken things a step forward.  Pay Per Head ventures like Power Pay Per Head offer a live dealer casino platform for just a few dollars per week per customer to these bookies and agents.

Question of the Day: Should Affiliate Managers Take Course on Being an Affiliate Manager?

John Wright, co-founder of StatsDrone, posed the question Friday whether affiliate managers should be required to take a course on how to be a manager.

StatsDrone is an affiliate program stats tracking service that allows gaming affiliates to have all their daily affiliate program stats served in a single location.

Miles (Myron) Saack, Senior Affiliate Account Manager, responded:

"Younge New Managers 100% they need to be taught the basics for sure .. Its is unfortunate there are too many brash, over cocky aff managers out there that believe they know it all, and you can’t teach someone not to be arrogant or aggressive or too  EGO Centric but for sure I cant think whay you cant learn new things all thew time you should want too."

Wright suggests that "a lot of the senior managers" actually are the one's who "need the training".

He adds: "Some of those experienced ones think they know it all and their pay increase with a new job makes them think they know better than others."

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com


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