Remembering Doyle Brunson: Was His Last Dying Wish Fulfilled?

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Ace King
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Poker legend Doyle Brunson has died at the age of 89, just months short of his 90th birthday. looks back at some of our favorite Doyle Brunson moments over the years.


Doyle loved our Jenny Woo and Jenny returned the favor by once naming him "The Sexiest Poker Player Alive". 

"Older than dirt but with more stamina than Kentucky Derby winner, Mine That Bird, Doyle Brunson comes in as my Hottest Poker Player of 2009....again, I might add."

He was selected twice in fact.

"Doyle Brunson will have to protect his territory as and I continue our quest to find the Top 10 Sexiest Poker Players of 2010.  Reader feedback will be taken into account this year.

"Two-time Sexiest Poker Player for 2008 and 2009, respectively, as determined by Yours Truly, Jenny Woo, Doyle Brunson will have his work cut out for him as he tries to fend of the current frontrunner, Tatjana Pasalic."


Tatjana who?

Doyle once acknowledged Jenny had never seen him naked.

"Jenny Woo, who writes for, picked me as the sexiest poker player for the second straight year. Obviously, she picks me because I'm the only one that won't bring heat on her. It's pretty obvious that Jenny and I haven't been intimate because if she had seen my naked body, she would be even more embarrassed than me. Thanks anyways Jen, it's good for my image. What is really funny is she had Patrik Antonius #2. I'm probably the most heterosexual person God ever put on earth, but Patrik is so handsome, when I look at him I go hmm-"

Doyle Brunson’s Last Dying Wish: To Pass Away While Pulling Off Liv Boree Thong With His False Teeth

We don't think it happened, but Doyle's dying wish was....

"Wish we could report Doyle died while taking off @liv_boeree thong with his teeth”.

This was over ten years ago.  Brunson regularly joked about how he ruled the death pools at the time.

Jenny Woo: “Doyle Brunson Went All In, Lasted Barely Two Minutes”

Jenny used to do everything in her power to entice the Texas Dolly into attending the Punta Cana Poker Classic.  It didn't matter who else was there.  Doyle was always the star.

He made an appearance in 2010.

“Last year everyone at the resort, even those who didn’t play poker, were flocking to Doyle for his autograph and signed copies of his book,” Woo revealed back in 2011.

Putting the Younger Generation in its Place

Poker legend Doyle Brunson went up against the youngest World Series of Poker bracelet winner and proved he still has his A Game back in 2008.

Brunson took on last year's WSOPE winner, Scandinavian sensation Annette Obrestad, in a best-of-three No-Limit Hold'em heads-up match.


The Infamous Doyle Brunson Roast

Pam Anderson was there along with Kid Rock.  And so too was that fake Randy Meisner.  Read all about it here.

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