So Far Crickets in Call for US Recreational Sportsbooks to Appear at BetBash

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Sports betting's biggest networking event is just around the corner.  Taking place at the famed Circa Sportsbook in Las Vegas, the third installment of BetBash promises premium food and alcohol, all the big names in sports gambling and top-of-the-line seminars.

One group that won't be there apparently.....the US regulated recreational sportsbooks, for which there are many.

These are the books that have been criticized for booting or severely limiting anyone who just happens to go on a winning streak.  Pros like BetBash founder Spanky Kyrollos pretty much get shown the door right off the bat.


Spanky has expressed his disappointment with those books who have no interest meeting face-to-face with actual customers, nothing they are more than happy to meet up at industry "circle jerks", hobnobbing among other industry executives. 

"Still crickets on this," Spanky tweeted out Friday morning.  "If you run a recreational model sportsbook and are interested in participating, please reach out."

The host sportsbook, Circa, is accommodating to all players but only offer their app in a handful of states.  If you happen to live in Nevada, Iowa or Colorado, consider yourself lucky.  Circa Sportsbook is available in those three states.  They will be coming to Illinois soon both retail and mobile.

It's clear what makes Circa Sportsbook stand out above the dregs of the industry.  Jeffrey Benson of Circa Sportsbook tweeted out Friday:

"What am I most proud of? That we treat our guests as bettors and not criminals, that we’re fair and don’t price gouge, and that we provide a transparent marketplace for EVERYONE to get down. Those are the core values of @CircaSports and the things we intend to continue everyday."

Another long established sportsbook that welcomes sharps and recreational players alike: Pinnacle Sports.  Unfortunately, they have only established a footprint in Ontario at the moment.  Gambling911 first visited the Pinnacle offices back in 2000 and it was an amazing experience.  Pinnacle Sports exited the US market following an indictment of the once uber popular payment processor Neteller.

Some sharp sportsbook representatives will be in attendance. Also appearing, the world's greatest sports bettor, Billy Walters.

"You will not be shunned or ostracized if you come to BetBash representing a recreational sportsbook," Spanky said. "We are an all welcoming convention that is trying to elevate the industry as a whole. Just cuz our beliefs differ doesn’t mean we can’t have good meaningful debate."

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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