Ravens-Browns Total Moves From 41.5 to 39 as Gamblers Hit the Under

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Ean Lamb
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Bookies need to be wise to the likelihood that the Ravens-Browns total stays UNDER the number.  With books reporting just shy of $30,000 on the UNDER as of 8 pm ET Saturday night, the oddsmakers are doing their best to get more action on the OVER. That number has moved from 41.9 to 39 and the percentage on the UNDER has gone from 92% early Saturday to nearly 80% by the evening hours.  We were still a little above the 80 percent mark. 


How Bad Do the Oddsmakers Want More Players Betting the OVER?

Pinnacle Sports, among the sharpest in the industry, had brought this number as low as 38.5 by 8 pm ET Saturday evening.

There was just under $7000 bet on the OVER Saturday evening.

If you're a Pay Per Head bookie, your best bet is to encourage more action on the OVER based on what we're seeing out there Saturday night.

Consensus Cappers ALL on Cleveland

As of Saturday night, the Gambling911.com Sports Hub was seeing six picks on the Ravens-Browns game, all on the Cleveland spread at -2.5.

The Ravens were seeing 74% of the money coming in on the spread.

None of the Sports Hub cappers backing the Browns have been particularly great at picking the NFL thus far this season.  You may want to instead focus on the 9-0-1 in his last ten Bobby Babowsky plays for Sunday.  He's got five plays, all on the spread: Jets, Giants, Bills, Steelers and Broncos.

Prop Building and Betting

Everybody loves to bet NFL props, and there is a fairly wide selection for the Ravens-Browns game to be sure.

CLE Total Touchdowns O/U 2.5
BAL Total Touchdowns O/U 2.5
CLE Total Field Goals O/U 1.5
BAL Total Field Goals O/U 1.5
Time of First Score O/U 7 (mins elapsed)
3 Straight Scores by Either Team
Team to Score Last
Team to Score First
Highest Scoring Half
Race to 10 Points
Race to 15 Points
Race to 20 Points
Will there be a safety
Big Win Little Win (pts)
Largest Lead (either team) O/U 14.5
Will CLE Score on their First Drive
Will BAL Score on their First Drive
Defensive or special teams TD scored
Longest Touchdown O/U 34.5 Yards
Any Team to Score 40+ Points
Both Teams to Score 19.5
Both Teams to Score 24.5
First score of Game is Touchdown
Team to Score First Wins
Team to Score Last Wins
Will there be Overtime
Will there be a Scoreless Quarter
Total Points Odd
Total First Downs O/U 39.5
Most First Downs
First Drive Result

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

Football News News

Vikings-Raiders Prop Bets

The number we get is mostly accurate at 3.89 and this has boded well for favorites in the 2.5/3 range with a coverage percentage just shy of 80%.

Lions vs. Bears Prop Bets

The Lions-Bears line has mostly sat at Detroit -3 as the road favorite with a few hits at -3.5.  We actually get a number of 7.75, indicating an underlay of as much as 4 points.

Rams vs. Ravens Prop Bets

Heavy one-sided betting action was being observed with the Rams-Ravens game as better than 78 percent of the public love was coming Baltimore's way.