Pubic Wins, Sharps Lose in One of Best Super Bowls in Recent Memory

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Mary Montgomery
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It was one for the ages as high paying props made the 2024 Super Bowl one of the most trafficked in Gambling911 history.


Leading up to the big game was relatively uneventful but certainly good for us with numerous Taylor Swift and the Reba McEntire cleavage prop delivering big time.  No she didn't show, but that was also the favorite at BetOnline.

The craziest of the traffic came during game time. had the market cornered for the longest field goal, scoreless quarter and who the MVP would thank first.

But it was the overtime and double overtime prop bets that nearly took the website down in the end.

This became only the second Super Bowl to go into overtime, leading to high paying prop bets.  The game nearly went into double OT before a last second touchdown by the Chiefs to win the it.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said when the 49ers had to settle for a field goal to open overtime that his team was set up to win.

“It was on us,” Kelce said. “We’ve got the best quarterback in the league. We’ve got the best offensive line in the league.”

The final score was 25-22.

The public had been backing the Chiefs against the +2 spread while sharps were all over San Francisco.

- Mary Montgomery,

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