Cloud Gaming Market Size to hit USD 7382.37 Million in 2028, Says Brandessence Market Research

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London, UK, Sept. 16, 2022 -- According to Brandessence market research, the Cloud Gaming market size reached USD 609.67 Million in 2021. The Cloud Gaming market size is likely to grow at 42.8% CAGR during 2022-2028 to reach USD 7382.37 Million by 2028 end. The improved gaming experience presented by cloud gaming drives the market growth. 

Cloud Gaming Market: Market Scope  

The global cloud gaming market is one which is going to show a continuous amount of growth and the growth is expected to compound annually. The cloud gaming is a kind of gaming which utilizes the cloud based technologies and it is built so that the users can control and engage in a variety of games on the web servers and the servers can then broadcast the entire game to a device where a cloud is attached. Different from the traditional gaming processes that run on the local disc space of the gaming device, cloud gaming technology works as incorporation in the technology where the users’ device requires lesser storage on their device. The cloud gaming is also called gaming as a service.   

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Cloud gaming growth driver analysis suggests that this is a market which is going through an absolute revolution here and is going to become a billion-dollar industry in the near future. The market will be impacted by the rising demand for video games and the affordable gaming solutions. The launch of new ranges of games is also going to affect the market positively as the user interest in unique experiences are soaring. There is a rise in the data centers, cloud computing and cloud games which are linked with each other.  

The rise in cloud game resides in its entirety in the data centers and delivery networks with the cloud gaming removing need for downloading and changing the device f the user into a high-resolution linked terminal. It offers many benefits for both the player and the provider. The cloud gaming services combine the delivery networks of the world, streaming media services and cloud capabilities for constructing an era of interactive, immersive and socially entertaining platforms for supporting the transformation and growth of the cloud gaming size. Because of the ease in operation and cost benefits offered, many of the market players of video games have entered this market while there are a few who are researching as well as developing their games to enter into the market. Some of the major players are releasing their cloud portfolio and testing their performances of the cloud gaming services. 

The major players in the market are working hard on the research and development. These players are  


  • NVIDIA Corporation 
  • Ubitus Inc. 
  • Simplay 
  • LiquidSky Software, Inc. 
  • RemoteMyApp 
  • IBM 
  • Hatch Entertainment Ltd. 
  • Cloudzen 
  • Sony Corporation 
  • ParsecCloud Inc. 
  • Microsoft 
  • Crytek GmbH 
  • Amazon Web Services Inc. 
  • Blade (Shadow) 
  • Samsung Electronics 
  • GameFly, Inc 
  • Google Inc. 

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The file streaming market segment is going to be the one to show the greatest amount of growth as it is the most cost-effective option for the developers of any game. The file streaming can reduce the costs which are related to the production and patches which are sent to players. There are many gaming brands which are now embracing the streaming which is going to continue in the years to come. There are some businesses which are choosing the private clouds for hosting their games, benefiting from enhanced protection and exclusivity for the years.  

In terms of sub-segments, the gaming consoles is the one which is going to show the greatest amount of growth with there being benefits such as the convenience where the controllers or efforts taken to purchase a computer. The smartphone segment is going to show the greatest revenue in the market and is going to grow at a high growth rate in the coming years. The smartphones are prevalent and are going to be the most popular and affordable and intelligent way for the consumers to game. 

The casual gamers are going to account for the half of a market share and will show grow as the gaming market currently consists of gamers who are hyper-casual and play for leisure rather than playing for any serious aim such as a competition or professional gaming. 

Global Cloud Gaming Market Segmentation: 

By Type  

  • Public 
  • Private 
  • Hybrid 

By Platform  

  • Smartphones 
  • PCs 
  • Others 

By Service Type 

  • Video Streaming 
  • File Streaming 

Cloud gaming market regional analysis suggests that the Asia Pacific region is going to show the highest amount of revenue which is going to expand steadily during the coming years. There are major factors which can be attributed to the growth of the demographics and the large population of gamers in the regions. China and India are going to be the countries which will see the most growth as they have the highest population in the world and are very proactive gamers. Japan too is a good market for the cloud gaming. The Latin American region is also going to see a good amount of growth due to the presence of many big players in the market. 

Cloud Gaming Market: Key Trends  

Cloud gaming trends suggest that the coronavirus pandemic’s onset has made the market growth enter into a next gear as the new gamers have subscribed to the cloud gaming services because of limited activities outdoor and limited social interactions. The pandemic saw the world and companies get into a lockdown as the governments tried to control the spread of the virus. The companies benefited as they took advantage of the increase in the interest in video games and launched many affordable solutions for gaming services and helped in expanding the overall market of gaming.  

There were new companies entering the market and those with resources getting into mergers and acquisitions. The new companies have all been able to get funded considering the growing popularity of the gaming services and will continue to see a growth in their funding in the coming years as they work towards the growth of the market while trying to increase their market share in the coming years. Cloud gaming growth trends look very positive after the end of the pandemic and it is expected that cloud gaming 2022 will bring on an era of cloud gaming development which will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Region Covered in Cloud Gaming Market Report: 

North America 

  • U.S, Canada 


  • Germany, France,U.K., Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherland, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Rest of Europe 


  • South_Korea, Japan, China, India, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Rest Of APAC 

Latin America 

  • Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Rest of Latin America 

Middle East and Africa 

  • Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Rest Of MEA 

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