Wayne Root: Obama Insults Small Business Owners

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Wayne Root

2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate and one time sports service consultant, Wayne Allyn Root, is a small business owner. The 2012 Libertarian Presidential hopeful is the only small business owner to run on a Presidential ticket in modern political history. Root responded on Tuesday to President Obama's claims that his administration is helping small business owners.

Root said, "Obama doesn't get it. Small business owners don't want government loans. We don't want government anywhere near us. We just want to be left alone. Obama's tax plans frighten us. His taxes will put us out of business. His loans do nothing for us, if we can't afford to stay in business in the first place."

Root continued, "We are insulted by Obama. This is a man who knows nothing about small business- or any other kind of business. He's never started a business of any kind, never funded a business, never run a business, never created one job in his life. He thinks like a typical Illinois politician- the answer to every problem is to tax business owners to death. Now Obama thinks he can lecture us about his solutions to save small businesses? The only loans we want, is to be left ALONE.

"Obama's federal income tax increases; cap and trade tax increases; the Social Security tax increases that will surely be proposed soon by Obama; card check legislation that is supported by Obama; combined with Obama's proposed loss of deductions to pay for government-run health care; will all combine to destroy untold number of small businesses and cost millions of jobs. Obama's small business loans are just a deceitful politician's usual way of distracting the voters' attention away from the truth."

Root believes the economy won't recover until Obama gets out of the way (or is defeated). "The economy continues to crater because it is obvious to business owners, business executives, entrepreneurs, and investors that Obama has no clue what he is doing. There isn't one person in his entire administration that knows anything about business. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. This man who we elected to oversee the U.S. economy is poison to the economy. That's why the stock market is down thousands of points since his election. That is why the economy continues to deteriorate. That is why his approval ratings are sinking like a rock. Obama is clueless. Business leaders now realize that he is in over his head."

Root believes the biggest problem of all is Obama's rosy economic projections. "President Obama is living in a fantasy world. His economists project much lower deficits and federal debt than the reality. I have spoken to small business owners across the country. Tax revenues always lag projections during and after deep recessions. I believe this is a depression. Obama's tax increases will lower tax revenues even further than usual. So ironically Obama has destroyed his own plans. Business owners are angry. There will be massive protests across the country. I predict far lower tax revenues than ever imagined for the foreseeable future. Therefore Obama will have no way to fund his bloated, irresponsible government spending and wealth redistribution programs. Ironically, there won't be any wealth to redistribute thanks to Obama's draconian tax plans. That means far higher budget deficits and debt, with no way to pay for it."

Root has solutions to turn a depression into the greatest economic expansion in history. "But my solutions all revolve around cutting government, firing hundreds of thousands of useless government employees, and motivating the private sector that creates 75% of new jobs by cutting taxes on small business. My detailed plans are all showcased in my book, 'The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.'" Root's book will be released by John Wiley & Sons on June 15th. It is available for pre-sale at Amazon.com immediately.

Be sure to watch for Gambling911.com reporter Jenny Woo's exclusively interview with Congressman Ron Paul and his opinion of these so-called "economic stimulus packages".  ....coming this week!

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