Trump in Slump but Odds Still Not Crossing Over 4-1 Mark

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Gambling911.com has your latest US Presidential betting news with updated odds on Clinton vs. Trump.

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Trump in Slump but Odds Still Not Crossing Over 4-1 Mark - Despite media reports suggesting GOP nominee Donald Trump's campaign is to be the next US President is unraveling, oddsmakers are not yet ready to pull the trigger on the 4-1 mark or longer with the odds.  A move beyond this mark would be the longest odds seen on Trump of becoming the next US President in more than eight months. The longest odds we are seeing as of Wednesday August 17 were found at Sportingbet (+350).  A handful of sites still had Trump with shorter odds of 3-1 (+275) with the average sitting right at 3-1.  The payout would be around $30 for every $10 bet.

Hillary Clinton Now at 1-4  Odds Some Books - Democratic US Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has jumped to 1-4 odds at BetStars and Paddy Power Monday.  This is up from -180 two weeks ago.  GOP nominee Donald Trump odds were now as long as +275, but he was yet to move beyond the 3-1 mark.  A CNN poll released Monday morning had Clinton 10 points up on Trump nationally

Clinton Gets Post Convention Bounce: Slight Odds Change - Former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has the support of 46% of registered voters, compared to 39% for GOP nominee Donald Trump. The new numbers break a tie the two candidates were in (42%-42%) last week after the Republican convention.  The odds were affected only slightly with Trump going from +140 to +150 on the low end and as long as +187.  Clinton’s odds were as short as -275, from -250.

Donald Trump Shortest Odds +140 - GOP US Presidential nominee Donald Trump's shortest odds were coming in at +140 at 32Red and 888 among the European bookmakers with the longest odds at +210 at Matchbook Saturday July 31.  Most books had Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at -275 with a range between -183 and -250.

Clinton at Between -180 and -250 Following Convention – Democratic nominee for US President Hillary Clinton odds were ranging between -180 and -250.  A convention bump could find Clinton back to -300 or 1-3.  Clinton re-gained the national lead in the first poll to come out since this week's convention - 40% to 35 percent in the Reuters/Ipsos poll, which was taken over the four-day Democratic Convention.  On the GOP side, 888.com was still offering a line of +140 for Donald Trump but most books had him at between +162 and +175.

Donald Trump Odds Down to +130 – In two days, one of the European online bookmakers, 32Red.com, has reduced odds on Donald Trump becoming the next US President to +130 from +140.  All books now have Hillary Clinton under -300 or 1-3, mostly within the -220 to -250.  The Democratic Convention continues and typically there will be an upwards bump in the polls for said political party as what we witnessed immediatley following the GOP convention last week were Trump witnessed upwards of a 7 percent increase in the national polls.

Donald Trump Odds Down to +140 Following Latest Poll – With news that Republican US Presidential nominee Donald Trump has jumped in the lead according to a CNN national poll released Monday morning, the reaction was swift from oddsmakers who have cut the real estate mogul’s odds from +175 (week’s end) to +140 at some books.

Trump Odds Cut to +164 at William Hill Following Convention Bounce – The so-called "Convention Bounce" is expected to be relatively small but in key battleground states that won't matter much as Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton were in a virtual tie in states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Trump now has 42 percent support across the 11 battleground states surveyed — up from the 40 percent he had last week before the convention.  His odds of becoming the next US President were down to +164 for a $16 payout on every $10 bet at William HIll. 

Tim Kaine Selected Hillary Clinton VP at 1-5 Odds – As Hillary Clinton prepared to announce her vice presidential nominee Friday evening, Tim Kaine was coming in as the 1-5 favorite to be nominated presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's Vice Presidential running mate.  Hillary made it officially shortly after 8 pm EST.

Even Oddsmakers Caught Off Guard With Possible Charlie Crist Selection for Clinton VP – The Twitterverse lit up with news that presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will be announcing her VP pick this Friday in Florida and, on her short list, is none other than Florida's one time Governor and former Republican Charlie Crist. Could it be true? "Not that I'm aware of," Crist told The Buzz, laughing. "I don't know where it's coming from, to be honest."  Stranger things have happened.  Oddsmakers have nothing up on Crist for the record.

Mike Pence Selected as Trump VP – Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has picked Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate for Vice President, sources close to Roll Call revealed early Thursday afternoon.  BoyleSports out of Dublin was still offering odds on Pence as of 12:45 pm EST but at 1-100 odds.  Betfair had him at 2-11.

Republican Veepstakes Latest Odds: Christie Cut From 10-1 to 6-1, Pence Still Favored – With presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump poised to make his Vice Presidential running mate selection this Friday, oddsmakers have it down to three with Mik Pence coming in at 103 odds, Newt Gingrich at 5-2 and Chris Christie at 6-1.

Odds on Trump Slashed to 2-1 This 4th of July – Following two dismal weeks for GOP presumptive candidate Donald Trump, his odds have once again shortened to 2-1 at some books.  BetFred, BetVictor and 32Red had all dropped his odds to 2-1.  Ladbrokes was at 11-4.

Odds on Trump Still 3-1 Despite Diminishing Poll Numbers – The last week has seen little if any drop in the odds for real estate magnate and GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump despite what many in the media claim to have been his worst two weeks since he threw his name into the US Presidential ring.  His odds have not gotten longer than 3-1.  Hillary Clinton, with odds as short as 1-3, has seen her poll numbers rise to a double digit lead of 51% (Clinton) to 39% (Trump) according to a poll conducted by the Washington Post/ABC News.  

Bookmaker: Clinton -360/Trump +290 BetOnline: Clinton -280/Trump +250 Coral (UK): Clinton -300/Trump +250 Ladbrokes (UK): Clinton -333/Trump +300 Matchbook (Europe): Clinton -333/Trump +350

Trump Clings on to 3-1 Odds Despite Bad Two Weeks – As of June 21, real estate mogul Donald Trump has yet to drift past 3-1 odds even with the two worst weeks of his campaign and poll numbers showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was leading by nine points according to a phone survey from the American Research Group.  One poll, Morning Consult poll, did show Clinton just two points ahead of Trump. 

The current oddsmaker average had Clinton at 1-3 odds and Trump at 3-1.  We were seeing a slight market shift for Trump at a handful of betting exchanges where he was listed at 7-2 odds.  These odds would pay a dollar more than the average.

2016 US Presidential Swing State Betting Odds – Clinton vs. Trump - You can now wager on which party and/or candidate for the 2016 US Presidential race will win a handful of so-called swing states.  Swing states are those that can go either Democrat or Republic in the general Presidential election.  They are often referred to us purple states being that the Republican party is represented by the color red and the Democratic party is represented by the color blue (to combine and make purple).

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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