Tax Day April 15 2009 Becomes Wayne Root Day

Written by:
Wayne Allyn Root
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2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root is the only politician in America who can claim to be a small businessman, home-school dad, and citizen politician. That is the perfect pedigree for tax day protest. With taxpayer Tea Party events scheduled across the country, not surprisingly, Root has a busy day on Wednesday April 15th. He will start the day as a guest on Fox Business Network's national morning show "Money for Breakfast" with host Alexis Glick. Root will appear in the "All-Wayne segment" at 8:05 AM EST with Wayne Rogers, the former TV star of M*A*S*H turned CEO and Wall Street economic guru.

From there Root will be a guest on multiple radio shows. He then heads to Nevada's Tax Day Tea Party where he will give a speech to what is  expected to be an overflow crowd. Root will not only be a speaker at the event- but a reporter too. Root will report live from the event for the nationally-syndicated "Jerry Doyle Show" (the 7th ranked radio talk show in America with 3.5 million listeners).

From there Root heads back to the TV studio for another FOX Business Network appearance on "Scoreboard" with host David Asman in the 7 PM EST hour. Root will report on the success of the Nevada Tax Day Tea Party and other tax protests across the country.

Root appeared earlier this week on CTV, Canada's Business News Network to explain to our neighbors up north how Obama's tax and spend policies are bankrupting America and leading to nationwide taxpayer protest.

Root is the author of a new book to be released in Spring 2009 by Wiley & Sons Publishers entitled:

The Conscience of a Libertarian:

Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts!


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