President Barack Obama: What This Means To Online Gambling

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President Obama

It's finally over.  Barack Obama has been named the first Black President of the United States.

So what does this mean for online gambling?

It could be good...or maybe not.

Obama running mate Joe Biden's own son, Hunter, was a lobbyist for none other than Party Gaming, once the largest online poker company.

When asked how an Obama administration would affect the process for legalizing online gambling, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, told's Jenny Woo his win would be significant. 

"With the Obama administration you wouldn't see these bad regulations.  But what the Bush people try to do is to get this one done very hastily and with little preparation so it's in place when the Obama administration takes over.  But clearly we have more support opposing (these attempts to stop regulation) with more Democrats in Congress.  I wish it weren't an issue but the Republicans have made it one."

And Ron Paul, a Republican Congressman who co-sponsored legislation along with Barney Frank to legalize online gambling, agrees with the sentiment that the Republican party has made online gambling prohibition an important - and many would argue and unnecessary - part of its platform. 

"The evidence is there.  They worked hard to stop it, Republicans and Conservatives get involved too often for trying to improve people's behavior," said the Texas Congressman in an interview with Jenny Woo.

Obama himself is a known poker player who has said he would welcome a study of legalizing online gambling. 

Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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