Political Betting: Obama Cheating, Sarah Palin Drill Baby Drill

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Aaron Goldstein
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Obama Cheating

The National Enquire is coming out with a story that suggests US President Barack Obama is cheating on his wife Michelle with fundraiser Vera Baker.  These rumors are nothing new.  They've been out there for years and to date no photos have emerged of this supposed fling.

But the National Enquire hit pay dirt this past year when they reported on Presidential candidate John Edwards having an affair with Rielle Hunter, reports that would eventually prove true.  They also claimed Edwards had Reille's baby, something he denied at the time.  That report also turned out to be true.  The Enquire suddenly became a reputable media outlet.

They are claiming that hotel surveillance of Obama and Baker exists.  We'll believe it when we see it.

Early 2012 US Presidential betting odds have Obama being re-elected at +125, which pays slightly better than even at Sportsbook.com.

....We can't help but wonder what fallout if any will occur with GOP sweetheart Sarah Palin who has become synonymous with offshore drilling. 

As conditions worsen in the Gulf of Mexico following a British Petroleum oil leak, the news media is once again picking on Palin.  Not a day has gone by where we don't hear some news reporter allude to the famous "Drill Baby Drill" quote uttered by the former Alaska Governor during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Palin hasn't exactly backed down from her stance on offshore drilling, though its doubtful we'll be hearing her declare "Drill Baby Drill" any time soon.

"The Republican battle cry that crystallized the growing popularity of offshore drilling has dropped from view since the Deepwater Horizon rig sank last week and the well it drilled started shooting crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico," Mike Soraghan of the New York Times writes.

Early 2010 US Presidential betting odds have Palin being elected President of the United States at +1000 for a payout of $100 on every $10 bet should this happen.


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