Pastor Says Pray for What Media is Doing to Sarah Palin

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C Costigan
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Pastor David Manning

Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, has a most interesting ally in her corner.

Pastor James David Manning, PHD has asked his flock to pray for Senator John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin.  Manning unleashed his venom on the media for favoring Barack Obama over McCain and has accused the press of playing "favorites".  (note: the video link may be deemed offensive to viewers)

Specifically, he goes on to blast them for reporting extensively on Palin's 17-year old daughter for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

In his sermon, Manning had some very unkind comments directed at Barack Obama's mother and the media in general.

"The media is in the tank for (Barack) Obama, Obama's momma was *****. His mother was only 17 years old when she got ******* up waiting for the garbage truck to come by and pick her up but instead a man by the name of Barack Obama Senior came by picked her up. The man was a ************.

"He was a ***************** up women all over Kenya," the pastor continued.

While the sermon may be considered offensive by many outside his church, the public in general has supported Sarah Palin and her family.  McCain's chances of becoming the next President of the United States remained at 52 percent on Monday.

Dr. James David Manning, PhD has pastored the ATLAH World Missionary Church since 1981. He graduated from The College of New Rochelle with a BA degree, continued on to Union Theological Seminary in N.Y.C. where he was awarded a Master of Divinity Degree and finally received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from The Atlah Theological Seminary. He has founded and organized several highly successful ministries; such as The ATLAH Times - a monthly newsletter teaching charity an Christian ethics and "70 Letters to ATLAH."

Pastor Manning is fiercely opposed to the gentrification of Harlem[3] and calls for its residents to boycott its shops, restaurants, doctors, banks and churches.[4] That action, combined with a general rent strike, would force all property owners out of Harlem, he said, leaving the neighborhood to its rightful inheritors: black people.[1][5]

Pastor Manning calls his plan "No Dew, Nor Rain," after Elijah's warning to Ahab, king of Israel, of a coming drought. "When there's no dew, no rain, there's a drought - there's all kinds of suffering," said Dr. Manning. The whole of Harlem, he said, is to be a "drought zone."

As a younger man, Pastor Manning burglarized homes, mostly on Long Island. He spent about three and a half years in prison in New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges before his release in 1978. While in prison, he became a devout Christian.

In his sermons and in video messages posted on his church’s Web site and on YouTube, Mr. Manning, who is himself black, has denounced a medley of African-Americans, including Representative Charles Rangel, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Prof. Cornel West of Princeton University and the hip-hop performer Jay-Z. He has also had harsh words for black people in general, and black men in particular.

And while Manning may be dismissed as some type of loon, the pastor has gained media attention in recent months and was even profiled in the New York Times.  

"Leave Bristol Palin alone," Manning said.  The Pastor goes on to suggest his flock find out what the news reporters children are doing.  He referred to some as "sodomizing satanists".

To his credit, Barack Obama has condemned the press for their focus on the Palin children.

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