No Odds on Christine O’Donnell Yet: Jerry Brown Big Favorite to Win California

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Christine O’Donnell

Some of the online bookmakers have begun to post odds on big ticket US political races that will take place next month (November 2010).  These include the California Governor race and New York Attorney General.  Probably the most talked about race in the nation is the Delaware Senatorial elections (who would have called that one?), more specifically the profoundly controversial Christine O’Donnell.

So far no odds on her!

She’s the fodder of late night television, having blasted masturbation and evolution.  Her “I’m Not A Witch” campaign stems from an admission on “Politically Incorrect” during the 1990’s that she once dabbled in witchcraft and even had a “picnic date” on a Satanic altar. 

The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, known for its own unique ability to stir up the caldron (see Paddy Power Must Remove Hollywood-Like Sign From Ryder Cup and Will The Pope Be Arrested In Sin Bin?), hasn’t exactly been on top of the O’Donnell circus. 

Perhaps the reason for failing to include O’Donnell among the US Elections odds is due to results of polls suggesting she is too far behind.

Hey Christine, pull out your magic wand already, will ya!

The University of Delaware puts the Coons-O’Donnell split at 49 percent for the Democrat to 30 percent for the Republican, the Christian Science Monitor observes, adding:

Yet 13 percent of voters remain undecided, according to the U of D survey. The challenge for O’Donnell will be “to attract moderate and conservative Democratic and independent voters by moving to the ideological center while holding ... base supporters who tend to be strongly conservative,” according to a U of D Center for Political Communications analysis released with the survey.

As for the California Governor’s race, odds have Jerry Brown at 1/3 and Meg Whitman at 2/1.  Brown would require a $3 risk to win $1.  Whitman would pay out $2 for every $1 bet.

Those in California and the rest of the United States for that matter won’t be able to bet on either of these candidates, or even Christine O’Donnell should odds eventually be released.  Paddy Power does not take bets from U.S. citizens.  Sorry! – Jagajeet Chiba reporting for

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