New Mexico 2008 US Presidential Election Day Betting Odds

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C Costigan
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Democratic Governor Bill Richardson this week referred to his state of New Mexico and the rest of the Western US as the "New West" and that this region will ultimately decide the next President of the United States.

New Mexico, which is favored by -300 to elect Barack Obama as the next President in US State Electoral College betting, is considered one of the most crucial of swing states.

Richardson advised the Obama will need to "stroll more Rocky Mountain streets" in order to seal the deal.

"Obama is going to be strong in the West with Hispanics," said Richardson, who is Latino. "He needs to visit more and campaign more in the West. They're doing that, but I want to see a little more activity and movement."

Richardson's comments came at a news conference for the Western Majority Project, a political action committee building the political strength of the West. The briefing took place Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.

Senator John McCain, the Republican from Arizona, maintains a stronghold over his own state and Utah. Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado can go either way.

And while forecasts McCain to take Arizona, betting action in that state has not been as convincing for Republicans where the GOP nominee is still a comfortable -1400 favorite to win. Compare that, however, with Utah where McCain is listed with -50000 odds.

In the gambling sphere, the numbers in Arizona could be slightly skewed as gamblers resent McCain's colleague in the Senate, Republican Jon Kyl, restricting their rights to bet online and play poker on the Internet.

On Tuesday, the Republican platform voted to keep a provision that would prohibit online gambling.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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