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Who will Barack Obama choose as his running mate? Joe Biden's Vice Presidential odds were coming in as the big favorite during the final hours leading up to Obama's likely announcement some time Friday evening or Saturday morning. and others began pulling down odds for the Democratic Vice President pick Thursday on word that Joe Biden is a "virtual lock" to be selected by Barack Obama.

Speculation is increasing that Barack Obama's choice for vice president will be foreign policy expert Joe Biden.

If Mr Biden is selected as a running mate it would underline Democratic fears that Mr Obama's inexperience in world affairs is costing him votes.

Experience seems to be one of Barack Obama's primary weaknesses. Either Biden or Hillary Clinton could help to calm those concerns.

Another issue: Obama not relating to the working class. Biden certainly can according to David Brooks of the New York Times.

Working-Class Roots. Biden is a lunch-bucket Democrat. His father was rich when he was young - played polo, cavorted on yachts, drove luxury cars. But through a series of bad personal and business decisions, he was broke by the time Joe Jr. came along. They lived with their in-laws in Scranton, Pa., then moved to a dingy working-class area in Wilmington, Del. At one point, the elder Biden cleaned boilers during the week and sold pennants and knickknacks at a farmer's market on the weekends.

His son was raised with a fierce working-class pride - no one is better than anyone else. Once, when Joe Sr. was working for a car dealership, the owner threw a Christmas party for the staff. Just as the dancing was to begin, the owner scattered silver dollars on the floor and watched from above as the mechanics and salesmen scrambled about for them. Joe Sr. quit that job on the spot.

It was just two weeks ago that, which is offering betting on all state electoral college wins, was so confident that Even Bayh would be selected as Obama's VP that they have made him the 7/5 odds favorite (paying $7 for every $5 bet) and these are the shortest odds offered thus far for either Democratic or Republican Vice Presidential running mate. Biden was a long shot at that time.  Earlier this month the payout potential was $13 for every $2 bet.

Hillary Clinton provided the very best value - offering a payout of 8/1 or $8 for every $1 bet.


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