Jenny Woo: Sarah Palin Hates Gambling, Loves Guns

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Jenny Woo
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First, I would like to tell the media to leave Alaska Governor Sarah Palin alone about her poor 17-year old daughter - who apparently got knocked up by an 18-year old High School hockey player  who has been identified in the blogoshere as one Levi Johnston according to the Huffington Post. Bristol Palin is going to keep the child. Her mom is a Bambi blasting pro lifer incidentally.

In Small Town USA, the average age for a woman to first give birth probably is somewhere around 18. At my High School in Pensacola, Florida it was more like 15, but these things vary across country.

Sarah Palin is against sex ed being taught in High School.

"The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support," Palin proclaimed.

Now let's look on the bright side. Things could be worse.

Okay, maybe not!

Somehow I get the feeling they are going to be though.

The McCain campaign released the news that Bristol Palin was five months pregnant on September 1, 2008. According to the statement, Bristol intends to marry her boyfriend Levi. Although the statement did not identify the father's last name, it did identify him as Levi. The assumption appears to be based on pictures that a woman identified by bloggers as Levi's sister posted on her MySpace page. In the photo, the woman is featured with Trig and Sarah Palin, which she titled "Mommy Inlaw, Trig and Myself."

Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol's child and self-described "F---in' redneck" on his MySpace page. Ooh, I like him already!

The fact is that registered Republicans like myself can appreciate the fresh warm hockey mother appeal here. This is what America is all about.

I have one gripe though. Sarah Palin hates gambling - and as someone who promotes the activity - I am probably going straight to Hell in a hand basket.

"Gambling has shown ill effects on families and as Governor I would not propose expansion legislation," Mrs. Palin stated emphatically.

Monday evening, Barack Obama's odds of becoming the next US President had dropped off a bit from -210 to -195. John McCain was now at +155 odds at Bookmaker.com.

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