Introducing the Sarah Palin Doll….Selling Like Hot Cakes

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Jenny Woo
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Sarah Palin Doll

Move over Barbie, there's a new girl in town and this one carries a gun, a Bible, wants to ban sex education taught in High School and can kick Ken's ass from Miami to Wasila, Alaska...and back. It's the new anatomically correct Sarah Palin doll, and for a mere $27.95 your young daughter (or your husband) can own one of these plastic princesses.

The dolls are an attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Alaskan governor, who has impressed since being chosen as John McCain's running mate, according to the London Telegraph. In fact, Palin joining the ticket has helped dwindle Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama's, lead (or is that BLEED) down to near even odds. Palin's running mate ....errr... we mean the person who chose her as HIS running mate, Republican John McCain, has taken the lead in some polls.

Mrs Palin joins an illustrious list of politicians, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to have been immortalised as plastic toys. Now if only they'd bring back GI Joe and rename him GI John, we would have better than a trifecta on our hands and in our kids toy chests.

HeroBuilders.com is selling the doll but Gambling911.com hasn't had the best of luck purchasing immortalized human toys from websites. Our Michael Vick chew toy arrived nine months late. The demand for this doll is likely to be much higher than the Michael Vick chew toy, however. Some of you ... Democrats ... might be thinking Fido is still a little hungry after tearing Michael Vick to shreds. Be forewarned, Fido is no match for Pitbull Palin!

You can choose from three different Sarah Palin dolls. One comes with a school girl outfit (sorta reminds us of Britney Spears but with a naughty librarian vibe), another is the more covered up action figure. The super action figure Sarah Palin doll comes with all the artillery and a hand bag (God only knows what it might contain). This doll is more equipped to handle Washington politicians and Obama. It comes with less clothing though.

All the dolls in the series come with glasses and whiter teeth than Barbie.

Oh...and in case you didn't hear...today's my birthday. Show some love.


Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior Correspondent

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