Gambling911 Urges President Trump to Legalize Sports Betting Nationally

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Legal nationwide sports betting in the U.S. may be coming a lot sooner than anyone expects.

Donald Trump has said in the past that he supports the idea.

And now that he is President of the United States, Gambling 911 is asking him--via a surrogate--to sign an Executive Order immediately legalizing sports wagering in all 50 states.

Next Sunday is the biggest sports betting day of the year.

Millions of people in the U.S. will bet billions of dollars on the Super Bowl.

Only a small fraction of those bets will occur legally--in Nevada casinos.

The rest of the wagering will occur illegally with local bookmakers and online.

Which means that most of the profits from Super Bowl betting will go to organized crime, via the local bookies, or to foreign countries, via online betting sites.

If sports betting were legal all over the U.S., the massive profits garnered from it would stay in the U.S. and wouldn't fuel the growth of organized crime.

Trump once said sports betting should be legal because "everyone is doing it anyway."

British Bookmakers, Other International Wagering Companies May Want to Prep to Re-Enter US Market

So Gambling 911 has asked Las Vegas sports handicapper and politician Wayne Root--who has Trump's ear--to ask the President to sign an Executive Order legalizing the activity nationally and immediately.

Root, an early supporter of Trump who was the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential candidate in 2008, introduced Trump at a Las Vegas campaign rally last year and was invited to attend the inauguration, which he did.

Root agrees that the country should have legal nationwide sports betting and said he will get that message to the President.

"It's a good idea," Root told Gambling 911 in an interview. "I'm going to write an op-ed piece about this which you can put up on Gambling 911. And I'll send a copy to President Trump."

Root will discuss the issue on his daily radio show on Monday with Gambling 911's own Tom Somach.

The show, heard on Las Vegas radio station KBET, 790 on the AM dial, runs from 3-6 pm Pacific Time.

The show is simulcast on KRCK, 98.1 on the FM dial, in Palm Springs, California.

Somach will be on the show at 3:20 p.m (Pacific Standard Time) or 6:20 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Listeners can call in questions or coments to the show toll-free at 1-844-263-8232.

For those outside the Las Vegas area, the show can be heard online here

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