First Dog Bo Pays Out Zilch

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C Costigan
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First Dog Bo

Forget the fact that President Obama decided on adopting a "non shelter" dog.  Gamblers were more interested in the name bestowed upon the new First Dog.  Unfortunately for these gamblers, no money will be paid out on "Bo".  That's the name given to this well-bred Portuguese Water Dog.

"Bo was not one of the options offered at Paddy Power, one of the few online gambling websites offering bets on what the Obamas would name the First Dog.  "Unfortunately Paddy Power did not offer a ‘field' option."

The ‘field' option is simply categorized as "other", any name not specifically given odds.

Odds originally favored "George" as the top choice.   "Change" was given 25-1 odds.  Kennedy had 25-1 odds.  Lincoln had 20-1 odds.

Paddy claimed most of the bets that came in on naming the First Dog averaged between 10 and 20 euros.

The Irish bookmaker has endured more controversy than Obama's choice to adopt the non-shelter pooch.  This is the same company that offered President Obama assassination odds and was the first entity to declare Mr. Obama the next U.S. President two weeks prior to the election by paying out over a million dollars in bets made on him to win.

Paddy Power does not accept bets from U.S. citizens.

Some might wonder if the President, a known poker player, may have had gambling on his mind when he decided on the name "Bo". would be remiss in pointing out that one of the largest online gambling sites just happens to be named "BoDog".

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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