Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job? You can Bet on it.

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Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job? You can Bet on it.

Forget about the soccer World Cup in South Africa, the burning question on the minds of punters around the globe is whether Sarah Palin had a boob job and those crazy Irish over at Paddy Power claim to have the answer.

Speculation began after the recent Belmont Stakes where the former Republican vice-presidential candidate was spotted looking suspiciously more voluptuous than usual. While the self confessed hockey mom has vehemently denied any procedure Paddy Power aren't so sure and are offering odds of 7/4 that the 43-year old will admit the boob job before the 2012 election.

Paddy Power are also taking bets on Palin's next procedure (Botox is the 4/6 favourite) and her chances of landing a modeling contract. The cheeky bookie is also taking bets on Palin's actual boob size at the next Presidential election (a C cup is the 4-6 favourite)

Paddy Power said "We're all big Sarah Palin fans. She makes politics fun and keeps you guessing about what she can possibly do next!"

Palin to admit to boob job before 2012 election

7/4   Yes
2/5   No

Palin's next procedure

4/6   Botox
9/4   Lip collagen injections
5/1   Liposuction
10/1 Facelift
18/1 Nose job
25/1 Butt implants

Sarah Palin Specials
10/1   SP to model for Ultimo
12/1   SP to model for Victoria's Secret
20/1   SP to model for Playboy
33/1   SP to model for Sports Illustrated
40/1   SP to model for FHM
100/1 SP to model for the Pirelli calendar
500/1 SP to model for Nuts
500/1 Palin to be cast in a starring role in Baywatch movie

Palin's cup size for the presidential election

20/1& nbsp;  A/B cup
4/6     C cup
2/1     D cup
8/1     E cup
25/1   F cup or above

Palin to become underwear spokesmodel
10/1   Playtex Wonderbra
20/1   Ultimo
25/1   Victoria's Secret
25/1   Triumph
50/1   Calvin Klein
100/1 Walmart
500/1 Marks and Spencer

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