Betting on the 2008 US Presidential Elections: State Electoral Colleges

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Want to know which states have the most wagering action on which party when betting on the 2008 US Presidential Elections? takes a look at each state and its electoral college betting action based on odds found at - home of some of the biggest cash bonuses on the planet.

Alabama - The Republican party is a -25000 favorite

Alaska - Not listed

Arizona - Surprisingly, the Republicans are not as big of favorites at -1400 (Dems +650). Arizona also provides the 17th largest readership base to Gambling911 so betting action in this state is likely a solid enough indicator of which way this thing is going. Obviously, McCain should win here handily but we are all left wondering why a state like Utah has the Republicans at -50000 and Arizona only -1400.

California - With the most readership of any other state, California did not have odds at for the State Electoral Colleges.

Colorado - Swing state. Democrats are favored by only -200, which is a good sign for them since this is considered a "Barely Republican" state. Republicans +150. Many Colorado voters are attracted to John McCain's "maverick" image. On the other hand, the large Latino population tends to go for any Democrat. There will be a big battle here, and with the Democratic convention in Denver (no accident, by the way), the Democrats may get a boost.

Connecticut - Huge -25000 favorite for Democrats

Delaware - Biden is VP running mate and Democrats are favored -1400 (+650 Republicans)

Florida - One of the more interesting states. Republicans are favored though at -225 compared to +175 for Democrats. This is better for Republicans than polls were indicating just prior to press time. Florida is the 4th largest state in terms of Gambling911 readers.

Georgia - The Republicans were favored -1400. Democrats +650

Hawaii - Huge -10000 favorite are the Democrats.

Idaho - Republicans are -10000 favorites here too.

Illinois - It's good to see this state is supporting its home grown candidate more so than those gamblers out of Arizona. Obama and the Democrats were at +50000 odds. That's better than the odds placed on Michael Phelps to win his first event at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Indiana - Republicans were -350. Democrats were at +225. This is one state we want to watch as the Elections near in terms of overall betting action.

Iowa - Too close for comfort with the Democrats at -400 and Republicans +250

Kansas - Even though Obama was raised here the Republicans were at -10000 and Democrats at +1800 for a potential $1800 payout on every $100 bet if Obama were to somehow pull off a victory here. They also have a Democratic Governor. Go figure.

Kentucky - Republicans were at -8000 and Democrats +1600

Louisiana - Republicans -10000

Maine - Democrats were at -1400

Maryland - Democrats -10000

Massachusetts - Republicans were huge favorites to win here. Just kidding! Wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Democrats were -25000.

Michigan is one we will be watching very closely but for now the Democrats were favored at -400 compared to the Republicans at +250. This is a good value bet on the Republicans should McCain select Mitt Romney as his VP. A decent size readership base exists here for, which shows that betting action should provide an accurate enough indicator here.

Minnesota - Democrats were at -1000 and the Republicans were +500. Obama was said to be leading heavily in Minnesota but gambling action suggests not heavy enough. And keeping this in mind, if McCain were to pick Pawlenty as his running mate, those +500 odds on the Republicans and the $500 payout for every $100 bet should McCain win becomes all the more enticing a wager.

Mississippi - Republicans -10000

Missouri - Swing state to be sure. -300 Republican and +200 Democrats. We will be watching carefully.

Montana - It's not really known how many of's gamblers are residing in the state of Montana. These numbers might not be a strong enough indicator in a state that can go either way. Montana's readership/population ratio is such that the betting action coming in from this swing state could tell an accurate story of what is really going to happen there come Election Day. Republicans are favored here by -200 and Democrats are +150 dogs.

Nebraska - Republicans -10000

Nevada - This swing state had as close to even odds on both candidates as we have seen so far. It's a state we here at will be watching very closely as a large population of gamblers reside here and their betting will say a great deal as to which was this one is going. At press time, the Republicans were listed with -145 odds and the Democrats at even or +105, which is interesting since Nevada is listed as a "Barely Democratic" state.

New Hampshire - Can go either way. -220 for the Democrats and +170 for Republicans.

This is the "Live Free or Die" state that doesn't care which way the rest of New England is voting (and that would be Democratic). New Hampshire prides itself on being independent, hence, the dramatic difference in odds for the Democrats compared with other New England states.

New Jersey - Democrats at -2500

New Mexico - Will Governor Bill Richardson in Obama's corner, this state comes in as a -350 favorite for the Democrats. Republicans would pay out $250 on a $100 bet at press time.

New York - Angry Hillary Clinton fans? Hardly. The Democrats are listed with -25000 odds to win here.

North Carolina - A state to watch where the Republicans were listed with -400 odds and the favorites, but not by much. Democrats were at +250. This is considered a "barely Republican". North Carolina has a strong readership so betting action will be a solid indicator of likely results.

North Dakota - Republicans were at -500 and Democrats +300.

Ohio - The one will be watching on a near daily basis as the Democrats came in with -140 odds and Republicans even odds. This one can't get much closer. Good for the Democrats considering Ohio is listed as "Barely Republican", meaning the swing state outlook would typically give Republicans a slight edge here whereas the gambling action (often more accurate) gives the Democrats that edge. As Election Day nears, we will have a better handle on what is happening in Ohio. The state also provides a significant number of readers to the website.

Oklahoma - Republicans -10000

Oregon - Democrats -1200

Pennsylvania - The ultimate swing state that favors Democrats slightly and perhaps more so now that home born Joe Biden is the VP running mate for Obama. The gambling action has Pennsylvania even more comfortably Democratic with -700 odds. Pennsylvania has a large contingency of readers (8th largest in terms of readers) so betting action in this state will provide a very strong indicator of real time results.

Rhode Island - Democrats -25000

South Carolina - Republicans -1400 and Democrats +600

South Dakota - Not listed. The state provides the fewest number of readers as to suggest BetUS did not deem it worthwhile to list the state's Electoral College odds.

Tennessee - Republicans -2500. Democrats +900 for a $900 payout on every $100 bet.

Texas - Considering Texas is a strong Republican state, the fact that they are favored by only -1600 compared to the Democrats at +700 for a $700 payout on every $100 bet might be a bit disconcerting for the GOP. Granted, in any event, -1600 is still considered a "virtual lock", but compared to other big Republican strongholds, this may be far from a "lock" based on gambling action. Case in point: Utah below.

Utah - Republicans -50000.

Vermont - Democrats -25000

Virginia - Another of the ultimate swing states where odds on the Democrats were at -140 and Republicans even. And Virginia is seen as exactly tied among both parties. Here, the gambling public gives the Democrats a slight edge. will be monitoring this state very closely over the coming weeks as a bigger gap in betting action could help provide us with a glimpse of the results. Virginia is listed among's top 10 states in terms of overall readership.

Washington DC - Democrats -100000. That's all those Barney Frank bettors.

Washington (State) - Democrats -1400

West Virginia - Republicans -800 and Democrats +425. This is considered a "Weak GOP" state and it will bare watching.

Wisconsin - Democrats -1200 but Republicans had +550 odds in what is considered a "Weak Democrat" state.

Wyoming - Republicans -10000.

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