Youth in Spain Apparently Yawn at Prospect of More

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In Barcelona Spain a group that tracks social trends has released a statement that over the last two years, the popularity of poker with younger adults is waning. They go on to say that the poker hit its peak in 2005 and is now in a steep slide. Citing decreasing ratings for televised poker as well as fewer online poker sites due to UIGEA, they go on to say that poker has just lost its luster.

The owner of the social trends website, Jane Collier says: "Poker is a classic American game with deep traditions in the United States, but younger people these days seem more interested in video games, cell-phones, and television". She continued by stating: "On the surface, playing poker was the trendy thing to do for many people - that trend has gone away."

Right. Apparently Jane hasn't been to Full Tilt Poker or Poker Stars lately. The latter site just shattered the record for the largest online poker tournament with the Poker Stars WCOOP Main Event with a staggering $10.925 million dollar prize pool and 2,185 entries to the event. Yes, online poker is certainly losing steam.

For many people, their perception becomes reality and poker is not immune to this. There will always be opponents and proponents of the game but to say that interest is waning? The numbers don't lie and by almost all accounts, the game of poker is still very much alive and kicking.