World Series of Poker November Nine Profiles: Good, Bad or Meh

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C Costigan
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World Series of Poker Novermber Nine

The folks from this week profiled the World Series of Poker November Nine.  In doing so, they rate who is good, bad or just plain boring.

Not surprisingly, WCP suggests that Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi is, not just good for poker, but great for poker.

The clear crowd favorite is–without a doubt–the biggest story of not just the Main Event, but the 2010 WSOP in general. Grinder has a chance to do something we think will never be repeated: win the Player’s Championship (regardless of however this event morphs into the future) and the Main Event in the same year. It’s really staggering when you look at what the Grinder has done this WSOP. Plus, he’s almost assured to now move into the top 10 on the all-time money list. Grinder clearly wanted to make this final table, and really fought for it. Verdict: Good for Poker. This will be a huge story and ignite plenty of interest within the industry and from the masses.

Others they like:  Well, Mizrachi seems to be the only one.  The remaining eight WCP is either neutral on or believe might be bad for poker.

Among the “bad for poker”, Filippo Candio (16,400,000).

The 26 year-old Italian luckbox will not win many fans after his sure-to-be shown 7-5 suck-out against Subiime airs. He does have over $33,000 in career earnings, but really, who cares. The only guy of the final 12 we were actually kind of rooting against. Also, one of the online sites actually wouldn’t sponsor him, which is never a good sign.

Soi Nguyen (9,650,000):

At 37, he’s the oldest member of the final table. He has over $150,000 in career earnings, but he’s basically this year’s Jerry Yang.

Jonathan Duhamel (65,975,000):

French Canadian Duhamel will probably not garner a ton of fan support, not just because he’s 1/2 French, but because of the brutal beat he inflicted on fan favorite Matt Affleck. Seems like a relatively entertaining guy. Before the final 10 started play, he was shadow boxing by the table. Always wears a hoodie. At just 22 years-old, he’s the youngest at the final table. Duhamel has over $122,000 in career tourney earnings, including two 2010 WSOP cashes. Verdict: Bad for Poker. Has personality, but may reinforce the thinking that only luckboxes win the Main Event. Plus, can’t see a Canadian really ushering in a new wave of players across the country/world.

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