Who is !P0krparty¡? Yet to be Unmasked

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Ace King
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Who is !P0krparty¡?

Canadian online poker player !P0krparty¡ is making waves similar to those made by Viktor Blom last year.  Blom, you might recall, played high stakes online poker as Isildur1, raking in tons of cash, the whole time few knowing his true identity (though many did connect the dots).  Blom was eventually signed to PokerStars and his identity was unveiled shortly thereafter.

!P0krparty remains a greater mystery.  Those who think they know his true identity are merely guessing.  The name being thrown around in poker circles is one Harry Kaczka.

From HighStakesDB.com:   

In under two weeks and in 60,000 hands the fortunes of !P0krparty¡ have once more kept the forums alive with speculation on his/her identity, his heads up battles with PLO legends, his multi-tabling six max madness and his epic heaters/coolers/luck/misfortune.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for !P0krparty¡ who, after returning to the highstakes tables in early November (tentatively at first, after once more rebuilding his roll obliterating the low-mid stakes games) went on a fantastic run, winning over $700k between 7th and 17th of November before losing over $200k on Friday. It was todays bankroll busting performance however that has finally sent him scuttling back to the midstakes to lick his wounds and work on his next plan of attack.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com