Viktor Blom 2k to $2 Million in 2-3 weeks

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Ace King
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Viktor Blom

In an interview with Bluff Europe, 20-year-old Swedish poker sensation Viktor Blom (known online as Isildur1) claims he took $2000 and turned it into $2 million in a matter of three weeks.

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“I deposited $2k.This was really my only money,” he revealed to Bluff Europe.  “If I lost this I would have to go and do something else. After I got the money and deposited, I went out to a chill place and sat down for an hour and thought how it had to be done, what I had to do, which stakes and so on. I chose multi-tabling NLHU. I just played every regular that gave multi-tabling action.

“After two to three weeks I smashed every level and now I had a bankroll of $2M and I was playing $100-$200 daily. A standard day around that time could be 15 hours, doing nothing else besides playing. I was in the zone. When I’m really in the zone I like to play a lot, and when I’m not playing a lot, I like to just chill and do other things I enjoy in life. A while after that, I was the biggest winner at four different European sites that year.”

Blom is now considered by many as “the best in the world” when it comes to playing poker.  He’s earned an amazing $4 million this summer alone and we are just entering into August.

This is an amazing feat for someone who was ineligible to take part in the 2011 World Series of Poker since he is yet to come of age (WSOP attendees in the US must be 21 or older). 

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