Utah Wants to Prohibit Online Poker: Would be Second State to do so

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Ace King
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Utah Wants to Prohibit Online Poker:

Utah has little interest in jumping on the state legalization of online poker bandwagon in the wake of a decision by the US Justice Department that essentially allows intrastate Web poker. 

Utah is one of two states that does not have a lottery and there is not a single casino based there.

Washington is the only state thus far that specifically prohibits online poker by its residents, making the activity a Class C felony. 

Utah Rep. Stephen Sandstrom (R-Orem) is in the process of drafting an anti-Internet gambling bill. 

“The [Utah] bill is even more significant due to the ruling by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) that states may legalize online gambling,” Sandstrom said. “This bill is a referendum on the DoJ’s decision and some in the U.S. Congress such as Senate Leader Harry Reid to proliferate online gambling.”

He added:  “We want to keep Utah free from the negative impacts of legalized gambling,” Sandstrom said via his website. “Many gambling critics see the DoJ’s recent interpretation as another major crack in America’s moral foundation.”

One thing the Utah political establishment cannot be accused of when it comes to gambling is hypocrisy. 

The neighboring state of Nevada recently passed legislation that will allow its residents to play “real money” poker within the state’s borders.

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- Patrick Flanagan, Gambling911.com